Get A Sneak Peek Into Curly Tales’s Celebration Of 2 Million Subscribers With Gourmet Couch!

by Curly Tales Desk
Get A Sneak Peek Into Curly Tales’s Celebration Of 2 Million Subscribers With Gourmet Couch!

We at Curly Tales live and breathe food and travel. Even when we’re not in work mode, food is on our minds. Imagine what we must do when it comes to celebrations. Believe us on this, it is chaos all around. There is no simple way to decide what to order and what not to. We were struck by a similar situation recently when we hit a massive milestone of reaching 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Big news, isn’t it? And what could be a better way to celebrate Curly Tales reaching 2 million views on YouTube than by indulging in the finest dining experience?  How did we make this process simpler? With the ITC Hotels app on our side, the process got pretty streamlined.

Curly Tales Team Celebrated A Big Milestone

The team was astounded by the exquisite array of food when they ordered from the privileged Gourmet Couch section of the ITC Hotels app. Every item, from delicious Indian specialities to global favourites, was a culinary joy. The app has a configuration we had never come across before. There were different selections curated to lift up your mood at any point in time. All you have to do is browse a selection as per your mood and order indulgence in a box.

Truly, this tasty treat was the ideal method to reward the crew and enjoy the best cuisine available from the most exquisite restaurant.

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Gourmet Couch For Perfect Celebrations

Gourmet Couch
Photo Credits: Internal

Coming to Gourmet Couch, we were blown away by the service and the packaging of the food. The presentation was exquisite, and each dish was packed with the utmost care. It was clear that the staff at ITC Hotels paid close attention to every detail in order to make sure the cuisine not only tasted delicious but also looked gorgeous. It hardly felt like we were having delivered food. Gourmet Couch delivered an impeccable experience in every way.

The ITC Hotels app made ordering easy overall, and the food and packaging were perfect, much more than we had anticipated. For anyone who wants to splurge on some luxurious, gourmet meals from the convenience of their own home, Gourmet Couch is the easiest way to achieve that. 

This big celebration in itself got so much better with the food we still cannot forget!

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