Forget KFC! Have You Heard Of DFC, The New Fried Chicken Ice Cream?

Sydney's Demochi Donut has introduced a viral Fried Chicken Ice Cream.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Forget KFC! Have You Heard Of DFC, The New Fried Chicken Ice Cream?

Fried chicken cannot be replaced. At least up until now! Just imagine biting into a golden perfectly crisp piece of fried chicken only to uncover the salivating tender meat. You can’t help but lean in for more. That’s the beauty of it! But now fried chicken has tough competition. It’s not nuggets, chicken pakora or even chicken in general. It’s ice cream! Yes, you read this right! There’s a new Fried Chicken Ice Cream that’ll blow your socks off. Is it finger-licking good? Let’s find out!

There’s A Fried Chicken Ice Cream That Has Gone Viral On Social Media


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To shake up things at K.F.C (Kentucky Fried Chicken) there’s D.F.C (Demochi Donut Fried Chicken). Known to serve Sydney’s best Mochi Donuts, DFC has ventured into selling fried chicken. But not just any fried chicken, those made with ice cream. Isn’t this quite the paradox? We’re here to uncover this! What looks exactly like fried chicken actually tastes like premium ice cream.

Scoops of vanilla gelato ice cream are individually coated in chocolate shells and then crumbed with cereal. The centre is a surprise chocolate wafer which mimics a drumstick. The best part is that this fun and fabulous dessert is packaged in a fried chicken takeout box. Talk about cleverly deceptive food. Open the package and you’d find a single fried chicken drumstick.

Golden-brown in colour with a perfectly crisp texture, it’s a great April Fool’s Day prank. Bite into it and the vanilla gelato ice cream coats your palate while the chocolate and caramelised cornflakes add the necessary play in textures. The chocolate wafer in the centre is a much-needed support to enjoy the treat seamlessly, without spilling ice cream all over you. Why you can even hear yourself munch and crunch like you would while gorging on fried chicken? With visual, auditory and sensory elements taken care of, this is a ‘Gram-worthy Fried Chicken Ice Cream you shouldn’t miss out on for the world!

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Sydney’s Demochi Donut Shared A BTS Video Of The Making

Demochi Donut even shared a BTS of the staff preparing the DFC (Demochi Fried Chicken) ice cream from scratch. First, a vanilla scoop in the shape of a chicken drumstick is coated with melted chocolate, which when cooled down, becomes a chocolate shell. Then, this is dipped in white chocolate and crumbed with caramelised cornflakes. Lastly, it’s packaged in a small fried chicken takeout box.

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Meanwhile, Netizens flooded the comments section as they salivated for one of these Fried Chicken Ice Cream bars. @leasing_withteena comments, “shutup and take my money!!”. @scottbarretto comments that he needs these in the USA. @dessertaddictsanonymous calls it delicious. Others demanded it to be available in Melbourne and enquired when and where can they buy it. If you’re in Sydney, you can get this Fried Chicken Ice Cream at Burnwood Chinatown and Gong Grocer. 

Foodies, are you excited to try Demochi Donut’s Fried Chicken Ice Cream? Did this Instagram-worthy dish surprise you?

Cover Image Courtesy: @demochi_donut/ Instagram

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