Free Sim Card For Tourists Visiting Dubai

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Free Sim Card For Tourists Visiting Dubai

Tourists entering Dubai will now receive a pre-paid sim card, thanks to Du telecom’s new initiative. The sim card will let tourists stay connected when in the city and will automatically get deactivated once they exit the country.

What’s It?

Tourists visiting Dubai will now stay connected, thanks to Du telecom’s new initiative. As part of ‘Happiness’, a collaborative project launched by Du telecommunications, GDRFA, and Smart Dubai, tourists will receive a pre-paid mobile sim card.

Photo: What’s on it

All tourists above the age of 18 will be eligible for the sim card. The card permits three minute talk time and 20 MB of free mobile data and is valid for 30 days, one month or for the entire duration of the stay. Tourists are also given the option to top up the card with small, medium, and large packages.

The sim is currently offered to passengers exiting at Dubai Airport terminals 1,2, and 3.

What Else?

In future, passengers will be allowed to check-in online or right in their home. How cool is that! And if this is done, flyers can directly head to immigration and security check. That’s one big burden off your back, isn’t it?

And this is not the first time home check-in is being considered. Emirates had launched Home check-in, where the airlines had staff going to the customer’s home and completing the check-in formalities.

DXB is well on its way to rebranding and this year, a whole lot of changes were implemented at the airport. Passengers coming to Dubai will soon be screened for vitals while they pass through the smart gates, equipped with thermal cameras. 

The ‘smart’ move is an initiative to reduce check-in times in hospitals and prevent the spread of epidemic diseases.