Smart Gates At DXB Will Soon Be Able To Check Your Vitals!

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 1028

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Passengers coming to Dubai will soon be screened for vitals while they pass through the smart gates, equipped with thermal cameras. 

What’s It?

The smart gates in Dubai airports can now give you a medical check up! Yes, you read it right! Apart from letting you escape the long immigration queues, smart gates can now check the passenger’s vitals, thanks to the Smart Health Tracks. The thermal cameras at the gate detect the passenger’s body temperature by scanning their face and body thermal print. The gates also share passenger details so that the Health Ministry can take required measures.



The ‘smart’ move is an initiative to reduce check-in times in hospitals and prevent the spread of epidemic diseases. While a model of the smart gate was displayed at the Arab Health Congress and Exhibition, it is unclear as to when the system will be fully functional.

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