Freedom Pizza Has A New Option For Vegans

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Freedom Pizza Has A New Option For Vegans

Pizza nights should never be spoiled and we’re pretty serious on this one! However, if you’re looking for a slice sans meat, dairy or eggs, things can get slightly complicated. Yes, we’re referring the the trouble most vegan pizza lovers undergo! However, Freedom Pizza now has a solution for this. The pizza place has a new vegan pizza on the menu so you can survive being on a plant-based diet.

What’s It?

Freedom Pizza in Dubai has a new addition to its menu and this one’s specially for vegans! Starting 4 August, Freedom Pizza will have a new vegan pizza on the menu. The new plant-based Beyond Pizza is loaded with a meat-free alternative made using pea.

The Beyond meat is a pea protein which is gluten-free, and high on protein and iron. So, that way you have a healthy alternative and also satiate your meat craving, right?


Other toppings on the plant-based pizza includes sun dried tomatoes, caramelised onions, cherry tomatoes, beetroot and vegan cheese. Sinful enough?

What Else?

Not a vegan and already hungry for pizza reading this? Binge on UAE’s largest pizza at Russo’s New York Pizzeria.

Russo New York Pizzeria boasts UAE’s largest pizza and we bet you will need a football team to polish this off. The 28-inch giant pizza will cost you AED 285 and has four different kinds of pizza in one box, good enough to please every kind of pizza lover.

And if you’re rigid diet is stopping you from binging on a large slice, head to Alice pizza. A one-of-its-kind restaurant in the city, Alice pizza serves pizzas by weight. This means you opt for small slices for tasting or binge on a large slice of your favourite flavour. They also customize pizzas according to your need, and bake it in a jiffy.

As for the toppings, expect a generous portion of home-made tomato sauce, mushrooms, vegetables and much more. Try the Potato with Rosemary or Bacon pizza if you’re up for something adventurous.