Friendship, Fun, And Travel: Watch These 8 Movies With Your Friends & Celebrate The Love

by Mallika Khurana
Friendship, Fun, And Travel: Watch These 8 Movies With Your Friends & Celebrate The Love

We all often talk about the bonds of family and their importance. Without parents who nourish us since our first breaths and siblings who are better titled as partners in crime, we don’t even wish to imagine what life would look like. However, somewhere along the way, we come across some people who take on all those roles, not out of any obligation. Whether we are on cloud nine or feel like burrowing ourselves in the ground, none of these moments is complete without these souls we refer to as friends. Taking a trip with them is a milestone we all look forward to and if you are still looking for inspiration, watching these travel movies with friends will not only give you that push but will also celebrate your friendship.

Travel Movies To Watch With Friends

1. Dil Chahta Hai

Dil Chahta Hai
Photo Credits: Excel Entertainment

Of course, it is in first place on our impeccable list. Sure, it has been many years since the release of this movie, but unlike most, it will simply never cease to be irrelevant. Dil Chahta Hai beautifully portrays the complexities and dynamics of friendship among three young men. When different personalities and ambitions grow and evolve together over time, it is important to trust, forgive, and be there for each other during both joyful and challenging moments. Their journey to Goa becomes a turning point in their lives, strengthening their bond and emphasising the value of true friendship. Perfection, isn’t it?

2. Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants

Travel Movies
Photo Credits: Alcon Entertainment, DiNovi Pictures and Alloy Entertainment

We have all heard of this movie that celebrates the female friendships that we all seek. Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants celebrates the unbreakable bond between four best friends who share a unique connection through a pair of magical jeans. Yes, it is an amazing watch that exemplifies the enduring power of friendship as the girls navigate life’s ups and downs, supporting each other through various personal challenges and heartbreaks. 

3. Thelma & Louise

Thelma & Louise
Photo Credits: Pathé Entertainment, Percy Main and Star Partners III Ltd.

At some point in our lives, we have often heard of Thelma & Louise, a duo that represents the epitome of friendship. Well, it’s time to see them in action with your own girlfriend. The travel movie showcases a deep and unwavering friendship between two women as they embark on a thrilling road trip to escape their troubled lives. Their journey becomes a symbol of empowerment and liberation, representing the strength of friendship in the face of adversity. If that doesn’t sound like a perfect friendship day celebration, what does?

4. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaba

Travel Movies
Photo Credits: Eros Worldwide, Excel Entertainment and Kanzaman

Nothing inspires a trip with friends like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. The movie portrays the transformative power of friendship as three childhood friends confront their fears and insecurities during their bachelor trip in Spain. We have all seen their transformative journey, but truly, the experience is something else when you watch it with friends and plan your own Spanish vacation as soon as the movie ends. 

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5. Sex And The City 2

sex and the city 2
Photo Credits: New Line Cinema, Home Box Office (HBO) and HBO Films

The glamorous turn of events in Sex And The City 2 has been a friendship goal for most of us ever since we watched the movie. When we finally grew up, ditching the monotony of our daily lives and dipping into luxury with our girlfriends was life’s aim. The travel movie wasn’t just fun and games; it also showcased the unwavering support and love the four friends had for each other. Through their adventures and misadventures, the movie celebrates the enduring power of friendship that remains strong amidst life’s changes. If you’re planning a girls’ night soon, this will make for the perfect feature!

6. The Bucket List

Travel Movies
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Warner Bros, .Zadan / Meron Productions and Two Ton Films

This travel movie is simply unlike every other movie on this list. The Bucket List is a heartwarming tale of two terminally ill men forming an unlikely friendship while fulfilling their bucket list dreams together. The wholesomeness of every scene in this movie with woo you. It highlights how friendship can bring joy, comfort, and companionship even in the darkest times. Their journey becomes a testament to the profound impact of friendship, reminding them of the importance of living life to the fullest. Disclaimer: If you actually watch this with your pals, get ready for a sob session.

7. Karwaan

Photo Credits:
Ishka Films, RSVP and Reverie Entertainment

If you haven’t watched this beautiful movie starring Irrfan Khan, you must watch it right away. Karwaan beautifully captures the essence of friendship as three individuals from different backgrounds find solace and camaraderie during their unplanned road trip. The movie emphasises the power of shared experiences and mutual support, bringing out the best in each character. Their bond underscores the value of friendship in life’s adventures, and it will soothe your soul.

8. The Hangover

Travel Movies
Photo Credits: Warner Bros., Legendary Entertainment and Green Hat Films

Simply one of the best travel movies, The Hangover is a hilarious portrayal of friendship, showcasing the misadventures of four friends during a wild bachelor party in Las Vegas. It is not only a fun watch but also humorously depicts how camaraderie and resilience help these friends navigate the chaos. Through their comedic escapades, the movie celebrates the lighthearted and fun aspects of friendship.

These travel movies beautifully illustrate the everlasting nature of friendship, and you must watch them with your friends right away!

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