Swiggy Instamart’s Resignation Letter Using Brands Is Hilarious. Dare To Try It With Your Boss?

by Shreya Ghosh
Swiggy Instamart’s Resignation Letter Using Brands Is Hilarious. Dare To Try It With Your Boss?

Popular food delivery companies such as Swiggy dominate the industry for not only delivering food at the correct time but also for acing the marketing game. Its social media posts are hilarious and engaging. Swiggy Instamart often shares innovative posts that leave Netizens in splits and in return, they get their desired traction on social media. This brand’s recent tweet is for people who want to resign.

Swiggy Instamart Teaches Netizens How To Write A Creative Resignation Letter

Here’s the much-talked-about letter shared by the brand on Twitter. The employees involved in the making of this tweet definitely deserve a raise as it is such an out-of-the-box execution.

If you want to leave your job and find it difficult to draft a resignation letter, Swiggy Instamart might have some ideas to help you with this intimidating task. Captioning “how to quit your job using Instamart”, the brand tweeted a rib-tickling resignation letter including so many brands in it. Among these brands, many are related to food and snacks as well.

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The letter reads:

We live in a ‘Society’ where we are told ‘Kellogg’s’ kya kahenge if we leave our jobs but you’ve such ‘Little Hearts’ & offer such little ‘Perk’ that I never really had a ‘Good Day‘. If I had to rate this organization out of 10, I would rate it ‘5 Star’. Working here was difficult ‘Eveready’ (everyday*).
Sorry for your loss, you are losing a ‘Gems’.
(if ‘UNO’ ‘UNO’)

Twitterati Is Amazed By The Brand’s Innovative Tweet!

Thanks to the Internet and Netizens’ all-time presence on social media, this fun tweet has garnered a lot of traction among Tweeple. Twitter users are enjoying this creative presentation of Swiggy Instamart’s letter on “how to quit your job using Instamart”. The perfect addition of different brands at the right places inside the resignation letter has left people in splits.

The tweet on this branded resignation letter has garnered almost 92K views with thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets. Here’s how they are reacting to this humorous tweet.

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We would love to hear your reactions to this hilarious resignation letter by Swiggy Instamart. Let us know!

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Swiggy Instamart (@SwiggyInstamart)