Swiggy Replies To Man Who Got Garbage Bags As Gift From Ex; Says Bade Zakham Ke Liye…

by Tooba Shaikh
Swiggy Replies To Man Who Got Garbage Bags As Gift From Ex; Says Bade Zakham Ke Liye…

We’ve all been petty at one point or other in our lives, there’s no hiding it. Especially with our exes. Recently, a man on Twitter posted the hilarious predicament of a roommate of his. And seeing an opportunity, the Twitter handle of Swiggy responded to it, giving us a moment of hilarity. Here’s what happened in this mini incident that can only be described as a tragicomedy. A poor man got roasted, not just by his ex, but also by Swiggy.

Swiggy Roasts Man Who Got Garbage Bags As Gift From Ex

Surely, this will be a memorable moment in the life of the moment. Maybe it might not be a good memory, but it won’t be forgotten anytime soon. A man received a pack of garbage from Swiggy Instamart from his ex. The person, evidently named Diya texted and said that they had sent something via Instamart.

Diya also said they could feel free to wear them and that should the garbage bags be too small, bigger ones can also be sent. This hilarious, extra, and over-the-top way of calling someone a piece of garbage sent the Internet into a laughing riot.

It is such a good burn that surely, even the person who received it saw the humour in it and hopefully was able to laugh at it. Swiggy saw this opportunity and did not disappoint. They responded saying that they would have sent bandages, “but itne bade zakham ke liye chhoti padegi.”

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Internet Reacts To The Burn

As with any other hilarious incident, Netizens were quick to react to the sad but funny situation. Many people related to the person who sent the garbage bags and some stated that they might do a similar thing in future.

Some even responded and said that the person might be crying after four beers. We surely hope that this isn’t the case. Swiggy’s Twitter handle has been known to dole out witty and sometimes even heartwarming responses to many who employ its services and talk about it on social media.

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Have you ever received or even given such a burn? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @yourtwtbro/Twitter