Rapido Driver Wears Dunzo Tee, Swiggy Shirt & Has Zomato Bag. Twitter Says Peak Bangalore Moment

by Shreya Ghosh
Rapido Driver Wears Dunzo Tee, Swiggy Shirt & Has Zomato Bag. Twitter Says Peak Bangalore Moment

Bengaluru is surely a city of wonders. Lakhs of students and professionals shift to this city every year to start a new journey, a new phase of their lives. With many complaints about the distance between the main city and the airport, the infamous traffic, and missing ghar ka khaana, people eventually end up falling in love with this beautiful place. If you are active on Twitter, you might come across many posts about different people living in the Karnataka capital. Today, we found a tweet about a Rapido driver and you need to take a look at it too!

This Rapido Driver Was Seen Wearing & Carrying Different Things Of Many Brands

Twitter user Hammad Maddekar (@hammad_tm) took to the microblogging platform to share about his interaction with a Rapido guy. He stated this to be his peak Bengaluru moment and also tagged the Twitter account of @PeakBangalore in his tweet.

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This driver was working for Rapido, wearing a Dunzo tee and a Swiggy shirt on top of it. Also, he kept a Zomato bag in front of the bike. Bengaluru surely sees a lot of things every day that can happen only in the city but this amalgamation is something that no one ever thought of. Well, it is Bengaluru and anything can happen here!

Netizens Agree With This Being A Peak Moment; Shares This Picture Needs To Be Seen

Shared on 27 June, the photo of the Rapido driver is making rounds on Twitter. It has grabbed the attention of some Twitter users and they are sharing their opinions on this photo shared by Hammad Maddekar. Here’s what Tweeple has to say about the Rapido guy wearing a Dunzo tee, a Swiggy tee, and carrying a Zomato bag. 

We are sure that all the people living in the Karnataka capital are agreeing to this tweet by Hardik Raj Kharga (@chatHRK). Waiting for more than half an hour just to find a cab on any mobile app is a problem faced by hundreds every day. Hardik says this to be a real peak moment.

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Well, what do you have to say about this? Also, have you ever had such an experience while living or travelling in Bengaluru? If yes, do share your stories with us! We would love to know about them.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Hammad Maddekar (@hammad_tm)