This Bengaluru Man Is A Flipkart Employee By Day & Rapido Rider At Night; His Reason Is Amazing

by Shreya Ghosh
This Bengaluru Man Is A Flipkart Employee By Day & Rapido Rider At Night; His Reason Is Amazing

Wake up, do your chores, rush to the office, do your job, return back home, complete the leftover chores, and call it a night with some entertainment; most officegoers’ 24×7 looks like this cycle. No matter if one is doing 9-5 or 10-7, most of us cannot even imagine doing an extra single thing on weekdays. But there are exceptions in every aspect of our lives and we just came to know about someone who is super hardworking and doing so much in life. Though he has a well-paid job, he is driving a Rapido because of his passion for riding. Let’s read his inspiring story!

This Guy In Bengaluru Drives Rapido For His Love Of Riding Bikes!

With an endless list of pros and cons, social media is certainly a great place to know about the lives of commoners. While we live the simplest lives in our simple ways, our stories are so unique. A Twitter user Nitya Shah who goes by the username @NityaShah13 shared such a special story that will influence you to take out some time and work towards your passion. This is the story of a man living in Bengaluru who works as an SDE at Flipkart during weekdays and drives Rapido on weekends.

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The Driver Is So Dedicated Toward The Things He Loves To Do In Life!

Nitya shares in his tweet that he booked a Rapido ride from HSR on 23 April. While reaching his destination, he was talking with the driver and he found out that the driver actually has 2 jobs. Along with a great job working as an SDE at Flipkart, he opted to ride bikes on weekends only because he loves riding motorbikes and enjoys meeting and interacting with new people. This is a great example of someone’s true determination and passion for their hobbies.

The guy taking an extra job just to ride in his holidays is surely inspiring us to do the things that we love. While he could have spent the weekends simply chilling and relaxing like most of us, instead he chose to spend his off days doing the things he truly loves.

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What is your passion in life? Will you take up another job just to pursue your hobbies and passion?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva, Twitter/ Nitya Shah (@NityaShah13)