This Delhi Uber Driver Has Free Snacks, First Aid Kit & Donation Box For Poor In His Vehicle

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Delhi Uber Driver Has Free Snacks, First Aid Kit & Donation Box For Poor In His Vehicle

In one of the most unique Uber cabs ever, customers can actually munch on free snacks while scrolling through their social media feeds using free Wi-Fi and even pop in a Dolo 65 if they’re feeling under the weather. This Delhi Uber cab belonging to driver, Abdul Qadeer makes customers feel at home during their trip. It’s just one of the many pros of travelling in this cab. The other, significant one is, it gives you the chance to make a difference in the lives of the poor, by contributing to the donation box.

Delhi Uber Driver Equips His Cab With Many Amenities

Shyamlal Yadav, a journalist working for The Indian Express, shared a picture of Abdul Qadeer and the interiors of his ever-welcoming Uber cab in Delhi. In the picture, you can spot a vehicle fitted with en-number amenities to offer convenience and comfort to passengers. Customers travelling in Abdul’s cab can avail of free snacks, water and a first-aid kit.

There is also a donation box where all proceeds go to the needy. Yadav states in his tweet that 48-year-old driver, Abdul Qadeer, has never cancelled a ride in the past 7 years. The cab is equipped with Wi-Fi, tissues, toothpicks, umbrellas and even perfume. All the items are neatly stacked behind the seats and even labelled. In the picture shared, you can spot small bottles of Pepsi, Frooti and Little Hearts biscuits. Moreover, the cab has even shoe polish, sanitiser and medicines like Digene, Dolo 65, Disprin, Cetirizine and Otrivin.

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Netizens Laud Him For Going The Extra Mile!

Apart from these amenities, the Uber cab also has very important instructions for travellers. The first one is the importance of respecting people of every religion and avoiding discrimination on the basis of clothes. The second one informs passengers the Wi-Fi password and the fact that all items in the vehicle are absolutely free of cost.

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Netizens in no time flooded the comments section to laud Abdul Qadeer for taking extra efforts to equip his cab with the best of amenities. Some people even said they had the good fortune of travelling in his cab and called it a “moving journey”. It’s not often we come across drivers who take the extra effort to make a difference in the lives of weary passengers.

We laud Abdul Qadeer for going the extra mile and bringing a smile to the faces of his passengers.

Cover Image Courtesy: Shyamlal Yadav (@RTIExpress)/ Twitter