Cool Cabs Can Wait, Punjab Has A Cooler Wala Auto; Netizens Wanna Ride ASAP

by Tooba Shaikh
Cool Cabs Can Wait, Punjab Has A Cooler Wala Auto; Netizens Wanna Ride ASAP

Indian summers are merciless. The constant heat bearing down on you can get too much. Many people, therefore, prefer to travel in cabs that are air conditioned. This nifty autorickshaw driver was aware of the problem and he decided to pull a ‘jugaad’ that would win the hearts of Netizens. Recently, a video posted on Instagram went viral. The video showcased a cooler wala auto with a cooler attached to it. Netizens loved the rickshaw driver’s hack and were all praises for him!

Cooler Wala Auto Is Here And Has Won The Internet


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The video which was posted on the popular social media networking website is short but it managed to capture the genius of the cooler wala auto. The video was taken in Punjab and was posted on the 22nd of May by the Instagram user Kabir Setia.

The brief video shows an autorickshaw momentarily standing still at a signal before moving along with the traffic. This particular rickshaw is unique and different from all others as it has an actual cooler attached to it. It is evident that the rickshaw was modified by a skilful genius.

The video was supplemented with a caption that contained multiple hashtags including “cooler autos,” “ac autos,” and “salute this guy.”

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Netizens React To The Video

cooler wala auto
Image Credits: Canva Images (Representational)

Ever since it was first posted, the video has managed to garner more than 370 thousand likes and even more views. In fact, the count just keeps on increasing. Many people flocked to the comment section to marvel at the genius of the auto driver.

Many people took to the comment section and pointed at the humour in the situation. “Garmi ke mausam me bhi thandi ka ehsas” meaning “Enjoying winter feels in summer.” “Me galat auto wale ko paisa de rha hu” lamented one other commenter. Meaning, “I’ve been paying the wrong auto driver.” One Netizen even went as far as saying that this is why one shouldn’t leave India.

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Have you ever seen such an auto in your locality? Would you ride this auto if given the chance? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @kabir_setia/Instagram