Punekars To Get New Prepaid Autorickshaw Stands At These Three Locations: Here’s How You Can Avail Them

by Tooba Shaikh
Punekars To Get New Prepaid Autorickshaw Stands At These Three Locations: Here’s How You Can Avail Them

If you regularly travel using taxi cabs or autorickshaws, you know that it can be one of the most frustrating experiences. More so if the fare isn’t fixed beforehand or if the rickshaws or taxis aren’t metered. Some rickshaw and taxi drivers charge almost double of what the fare would’ve been on a meter and it is a pain to bargain with them. In a move to remedy this situation, Punekars will soon get prepaid autorickshaw stands.

Prepaid Autorickshaw Stands At Three Locations In Pune

There has been an increasing issue of rickshaw drivers overcharging their passengers, especially in Pune. Many frustrated commuters have raised their voice against drivers who charge almost double of the metered fare. For instance, from Pune station to Kumthekar road, the metered fare is ₹70. However, the drivers force people to pay ₹120 for the distance, which is almost double.

In order to remedy this situation, the traffic police of Pune has decided to resume the prepaid auto service that was shut down earlier. This rickshaw service was launched in 2019 at the Pune railway station. However, due to the global pandemic during the COVID-19 outbreak, this service was halted.

In September 2021, the prepaid rickshaw service was restarted. However, it again shut down in the April of the following year. Now after repeated complaints from Punekars, the service will resume within the next 15 days at three locations in Pune. These are: Pune Railway Station, Swargate Bus Stand, and Wakhewadi ST bus stand.

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prepaid autorickshaw stands
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About Prepaid Autorickshaws And How To Avail Them

Prepaid services of autorickshaws or cabs entail an advance payment for the ride. In other words, passengers will have to pay a fixed amount prior to the ride. The amount will be determined by the officials. Passengers will then have to produce the receipt of the payment at the time of their ride.

This move will sidestep the haggling for extra charges and prevent the drivers from overcharging their passengers. If this service received substantial success then the officials will soon install prepaid autorickshaw services at other locations in Pune as well.

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