Not In City, Auto Rickshaws Travel All The Way Down Highest Motorable Road In The World At Umling Pass

by Shreya Ghosh
Not In City, Auto Rickshaws Travel All The Way Down Highest Motorable Road In The World At Umling Pass

Whenever we plan on going on a trip to any destination at a high altitude, we are mostly concerned about our health and the mode of transport. For travelling on the highest motorable road, we will always consider choosing a well-built vehicle to overcome any difficult terrain en route. Well, gone are those days when people focused on an amazing-quality vehicle to ride in such places as two auto rickshaws achieved a world record to ride on this road. Interesting, right? Keep reading for such delightful news about this achievement.

Auto Rickshaws Travel On World’s Highest Motorable Road In Umling Pass

Nestled at 19,024 feet above sea level in Ladakh, Umling Pass is the world’s highest motorable road. And this is where two auto rickshaws drove and created the world record. A YouTuber named Greg Harris uploaded the video of the auto rickshaws driving on this road at such an altitude. Check out the exciting video here.

In the video, we can see two autos competing against each other to reach the destination at the earliest. A woman can be heard in the background saying, ‘We made it. Auto rickshaws on the highest pass in the world, Guinness Book of World Records.’ Getting off the autos, they hugged each other and celebrated the remarkable achievement in joy.

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The Rickshaw Run Is The Competition!

The Adventurists conducted a competition ‘The Rickshaw Run’ where two teams participated. The participant teams are the Canadian team and the Swiss team and the event is very thrilling. While the Canadian team had Greg Harris and Priya Singh, the Swiss team had Michele Daryanani and Nevena Lazarevic. This competition begins from Jaisalmer and then drives towards Leh Ladakh. They are only advised about the beginning and end points of the journey. And the rest of the journey and travelling on roads is up to them.

After the completion of this unusual journey, the participants achieved the world record for driving auto rickshaws on the world’s highest motorable road

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Nitin Gadkari, the Minister for Road Transport & Highways also tweeted on this road ‘achieving recognition from Guinness Book of World Records for constructing and blacktopping the World’s Highest Motorable Road at 19024 feet at Umling La Pass in Ladakh.’

Will you ever go on such an adventurous journey?

Cover Image Courtesy: Youtube/ Greg Harris, Twitter/ Nitin Gadkari @nitin_gadkari