From 2024 Onwards, American Airlines Will Introduce High-Speed Wi-Fi In 500 Regional Aircraft

American Airlines, starting 2024, will launch high-speed Wi-Fi in 500 regional aircraft to enable a seamless flying experience for its passengers.

by Sanjana Shenoy
From 2024 Onwards, American Airlines Will Introduce High-Speed Wi-Fi In 500 Regional Aircraft

American Airlines is going places! Earlier this year, American Airlines became the first ever to allow streaming on all its mainline fleet. So, passengers flying onboard could enjoy video content from their favourite streaming apps. And now, American Airlines announced that it will introduce high-speed Wi-Fi on nearly 500 of its aircraft.

American Airlines Will Launch High-Speed Wi-Fi In 500 Aircraft

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As per a report by Simple Flying, American Airlines will install high-speed Wi-Fi in over 500 regional aircraft. For this, it will team up with provider, Intelsat to take advantage of its wide-reaching network. Passengers can expect to enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi onboard American Airlines aircraft by 2024. This rollout which will begin next year will take at least two years to complete.

Whether it’s browsing the Internet, messaging loved ones, catching up on video content from their preferred streaming platforms, all this and more will be possible for passengers flying American Airlines from 2024 onwards. The airline will make use of the latest technology for offering high-speed Wi-Fi. American Airlines takes advantage of Intelsat’s Electronically Steered Array (ESA) antennae. This operates on both Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) and geostationary satellites. Passengers can also connect to a VPN.

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But It Comes At A Princely Cost!

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However, do keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a free meal—free Wi-Fi, in this case. Passengers flying American Airlines need to pay for the Wi-Fi onboard. With prices starting at $10 (₹833 approx), the Wi-Fi packages vary depending on the flights. Also, American Airlines offers all-day Wi-Fi passes for passengers taking connecting flights, don’t have to pay twice. Frequent flyers, like business flyers can make use of the month plans or annual plans. This costs $599(₹50,000 approx ) for Wi-Fi on one device and $699(₹58,000 approx ) for two devices.

This is quite unlike what other international airlines are doing for passengers. Delta Air Lines in the USA is offering free Wi-Fi to all its SkyMiles members. JetBlue is also offering high-speed Internet services on the majority of its flights. Malaysia Airlines also provides free Wi-Fi to all its passengers. Currently, American Airlines offers high-speed Wi-Fi on over 900 mainline aircraft. The airline has a telos to increase the number of satellite-connected aircraft to over 1400 by implementing updates to its regional aircraft.

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By investing in high-speed Internet, American Airlines ensures that they continue staying dedicated to providing a seamless and connected experience to all its passengers. Whether it’s VPN usage, browsing, checking mails or streaming, passengers don’t have to wait till they deboard the flight to resume their work. They can do so mid-air and continue being productive even during travel.

Meanwhile, do let us know if you’d like all flights, domestic and international to offer high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, just like American Airlines, even if it comes at a cost.

Cover Image Courtesy: American Airlines/ Website

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