From Bajra To Kulith, Celebrity Nutritionist Shares 5 Winter Foods To Boost Your Immunity

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared a list of her must-have winter foods to boost immunity.

by Sanjana Shenoy
From Bajra To Kulith, Celebrity Nutritionist Shares 5 Winter Foods To Boost Your Immunity

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s Instagram posts are a revelation for those wanting to start their fitness and clean eating journey on a fresh note. Celebrating local, seasonal and traditional produce and dishes, Rujuta Diwekar’s posts are informative which help us get fitter and more aware of food that’s good for our mind, body and soul. Recently, the celebrity nutritionist shared 5 winter foods that boost one’s immunity.

Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Lists Must-Have Winter Foods


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Rujuta Diwekar shared an informative reel about the 5 winter foods people must add to their diet to boost their immunity. These winter foods help people to transition into the winter season seamlessly. So, make sure you check out her list and add these dishes to your diet to ensure you have a super strong immunity where you can’t catch cold or cough easily.

1. Bajra

Rich in minerals and fibre, Rujuta Diwekar encourages you to add bajra to your diet as it helps prevent joint aches. Also, the nutritionist says it’s a millet best enjoyed with ghee or makhan ( butter).

2. Jaggery & Ghee

The second food on your winter foods list is a combination of jaggery and ghee. Rujuta Diwekar says the combination of jaggery and ghee will help prevent cold and clear sinuses. You can pair this with bajra roti and consume it post-lunch and dinner.

3. Kulith

A pulse, kulith, prevents kidney stones and helps the scalp and skin stay better nourished and hydrated. Also it nourishes your skin and scalp in winter. You can enjoy kulith with rice and ghee. In South Indian households, a rasam made with kulith is popular.

4. Makhan

Homemade white butter or makhan ensures your body digests food seamlessly. Also, it makes sure your body is able to assimilate all fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin D.

5. Til

Healthy for bones, skin and eyes, til or sesame can be consumed in various forms. One can enjoy til chikki, add til as seasoning in dishes, use til oil in cooking or enjoy til gajak.

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Netizens Share Their Opinions About The Same

winter foods

So, these are some of the winter foods that celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recommends you enjoy. Meanwhile, many the reel’s comments section were filled with opinions lauding these winter foods and their numerous benefits.@poornimahormonecoach comments, “one is on point! I’m having cold, so I use jaggery and ghee to feel warm and turmeric as well to boost my immunity”. @wander_bucket writes, “Hooked on to bajra/ragi/jau roti with ghee and gur for breakfast. Fast, convenient and do tasty”. @tgsbydiptiagarwal says, “Bajra ka rot with makhan and gud(jaggery) made by my mummy is”. 

@kripadharaoils comments,” Very true! Til laddo…I love”. @anumehapandey chimes in, “And we r having everything you hv mentioned “. @nimisha1510 gratefully says, The one and only Rujuta !!!! Thank u for spreading the most ancient , raw wisdom to mankind!!” @nirmal_arora2021 comments, “Thanks dear for V nice seasonal food dishes ,which are both nutritious and tasty.”

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Well, foodies have you taken note of the winter foods recommended by celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar? We certainly have! 

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