From Centaur To Maharaja, How Air India’s Logos Continue To Be Revamped

by Tejashee Kashyap
From Centaur To Maharaja, How Air India’s Logos Continue To Be Revamped

Air India, the flag carrier airline of India, has not only been a vital player in the aviation industry. It has also undergone a fascinating evolution in terms of its visual identity and logos. Tata-backed Air India will reportedly be rebranded today (10 August) according to media reports.

The Airline Gears For A Revamp

Tata-backed Air India will reportedly undergo a rebranding today (10 August). The airline will be preparing for a change in its livery colours and emblem. However, a Financial Express story states that the 77-year-old Maharaja mascot of Air India will continue to exist but that its duty will be decreased.

According to the FE article, the carrier’s existing emblem, a red swan with a characteristic orange Konark Chakra, is anticipated to be replaced by a livery that features the colours red, white, and purple as a symbol of transformation. Air India has always used the colours red and white, and Vistara Airline is responsible for the purple. Given that both Vistara and Air India are a member of the Tata Group, they are likely to be integrated.

Air India’s logos tell a story of a nation’s journey through time, reflecting its growth, aspirations, and adaptability. From the early days of Tata Airlines to Maharajah’s reign and subsequent modernisations, each logo represents a chapter in the airline’s history.

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How Air India’s Logos Changed Over The Years

Air India’s journey began in 1932 when it was established as Tata Airlines, a division of Tata Sons Ltd. The airline’s first logo was a simple and straightforward one. It featured a circular emblem with the name “TATA AIR LINES” enclosed within, surrounded by a pattern of dots.

However, it was in 1946 that Air India truly came into its own.  When Air India was officially established in 1946, the airline’s logo was enhanced with a well-known centaur emblem in a striking shade of red.

Later, the airlines adopted a Maharajah as the airline’s mascot marking the beginning of a new era in branding. The Maharajah, dressed in his royal attire, became synonymous with Air India and added a touch of distinctiveness to the airline’s identity.

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