From Cloud Kitchens To Experimental Dining, These Are Top 9 Food Trends Of 2023; Report

by Shreya Ghosh
From Cloud Kitchens To Experimental Dining, These Are Top 9 Food Trends Of 2023; Report

Our food choices and preferences change slowly over time. We might love to indulge in some dishes now but our choices might change after a certain point of time. Godrej has been releasing reports about food trends for 6 years. This report states all the details and insights into the food trends every year. They shared the report for the year 2023 recently.

Here’s All You Need To Know About Godrej Food Trends Reports 2023:

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The report is based on details shared by thousands of experts and people in the food and beverage industry, according to a report by Money Control. From the changes in our food preferences to the demand for specific experiences, this report gives you a sneak peek at all such food trends of this year.

These Are The Food Trends Of 2023:

1. This Year Will See Huge Growth For Cloud Kitchens & Home Kitchens

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We all have witnessed the rise of cloud kitchens and home kitchens in the past couple of years. Many of us have also ordered from these places and loved the food items. These are the best places to find ghar jaisa khaana. There are endless options of dishes to try and the best part is that these dishes do not contain as much oil and spices as restaurants and eateries. The report by Godrej states how these kitchens are expected to increase.

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2. More Experimental Dining-In Experiences! 

The COVID-19 pandemic has truly changed the world. Our lifestyle has seen significant additions and changes during and after the pandemic. With an increase in dining-in experiences, many people have started cooking and brushing up their skills in the kitchen. This reports states how people are learning about their regional delicacies and authentic and heritage dishes.

3. More Experimental Dining-Out Experiences! 

New cafes and restaurants are coming up with many unique elements and options. Such new options are expected to increase more with new experiences. With this, there is a prediction that the unexplored and less-popular flavours and tastes of India will be seeing a demand in several places.

4. Millets Are Here To Stay!

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We have been hearing such great facts about millet for some time. There are many benefits of consuming a meal based on this grain. They are great for health and also are good for the planet. It is predicted that food items prepared with millet will see a rise as well.

5. Innovative Kitchen Tools

With every passing day, we are getting more cautious about our food intake and health. The Godrej Food Trends Reports 2023 predicts how people will start using traditional cooking tools with a perfect touch of modern innovation.

6. Snacking Will Increase!

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We love to gorge on all sorts of snacking options. But we often get stressed about eating these oily snacks that can be harmful to our health. This report predicts that there will be new chefs and cooks joining the industry to provide us with healthier options than before.

7. Nostalgia Will Be Influencing Our Food Choices

This year will be a lot about choosing the food items that make us nostalgic and remember the good old days. These food items make us happy and feel comfortable. In fact, this will play a role in planning parties and building new restaurants, according to the Godrej Food Trends Reports 2023.

8. We Will See Sustainable Cocktails

We need to be cautious of the environment and everyone is taking steps for a better future. There are so many bars that are putting efforts to reduce the impact on the environment and follow sustainable methods.

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9. Loads Of Options For Desserts!

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There are so many options for desserts and sweets in different places. Be it the authentic Indian mithai or the demand for cheesecakes and brownies or something very extravagant and gourmet, the offerings in this category are increasing exclusively, according to the Godrej Food Trends Reports 2023. This is a great time to grow the business with new additions to the menu.

Which of these food trends will you be trying out this year?

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