From Deira To Al Khaleej, RTA To Build A 1.6km-Long Street Tunnel To Reduce Traffic

Dubai RTA awards contract for New Al Khaleej Street Tunnel.

by Deeplata Garde
From Deira To Al Khaleej, RTA To Build A 1.6km-Long Street Tunnel To Reduce Traffic

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is set to embark on a transformative project, as it awards a contract to construct a new tunnel on Al Khaleej Street, enhancing the city’s infrastructure and traffic flow.

Enhancing Traffic Flow With A 1.6km New Tunnel With 6 Lanes, Al Khaleej Street Tunnel

The newly planned tunnel, spanning 1,650 metres with six lanes, is designed to ease congestion and streamline traffic movement from the end of the ramp of Infinity Bridge in Deira to the intersection of Al Khaleej and Cairo Streets. With three lanes in each direction, the tunnel aims to accommodate a significant volume of vehicles, up to 12,000 per hour, ensuring smoother journeys for commuters.

The project entails the conversion of the Cairo and Al Wuheida Streets intersection from a roundabout to traffic signals, a measure aimed at enhancing overall traffic management in the area. Furthermore, it will improve connectivity by integrating Cairo Street and linking the bridge ramp from Dubai Islands to the new tunnel, facilitating seamless travel for residents and visitors alike.

Current RTA Projects That Are Transforming Dubai’s Roadways

In addition to the Al Khaleej Street tunnel project, the RTA is actively engaged in other initiatives to enhance Dubai’s infrastructure and address traffic challenges. One such project is the ongoing improvement of Sheikh Rashid Street, encompassing the construction of three bridges spanning 4.8 kilometres. These bridges, designed to accommodate over 19,400 vehicles per hour, represent a significant investment in enhancing the city’s road network.

The first bridge, stretching 1.3 kilometres, boasts three lanes in each direction, catering to high volumes of traffic. Meanwhile, the second and third bridges, spanning 780 metres and 985 metres respectively, further bolster the city’s transportation capacity. Alongside bridge construction, the project involves extensive road upgrades and the development of pedestrian infrastructure, including bridges and essential utilities such as street lighting and drainage systems.

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Progress On Al Shindagha Corridor Improvement

The RTA has also made substantial strides in the Al Shindagha Corridor Improvement Project, with completed phases contributing to enhanced connectivity and traffic management. Notable achievements include the opening of bridges and intersections along Sheikh Rashid Road, as well as the completion of key infrastructure elements to support the movement of over 24,000 vehicles per hour.

Moreover, ongoing work on tunnels and intersections underscores the RTA’s commitment to continually improving Dubai’s transportation network. Through these initiatives, the authority seeks to ensure the city’s infrastructure remains robust and resilient, supporting its growing population and economic activities.

With the award of the contract for the Al Khaleej Street tunnel and ongoing projects aimed at enhancing Dubai’s roadways, the RTA demonstrates its dedication to improving the city’s transportation infrastructure. By prioritising efficiency, safety, and accessibility, these initiatives contribute to Dubai’s reputation as a dynamic and forward-thinking metropolis.

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