From Delhi Police To Swiggy, Everyone Jumps On The “Look At Your Keyboard” Trend

The "look at your keyboard" trend is going massively viral on social media.

by Shreya Ghosh
From Delhi Police To Swiggy, Everyone Jumps On The “Look At Your Keyboard” Trend

Another week and another trend has taken over social media by storm. We come across tons of viral trends probably every other day while scrolling our social media feeds for hours. The most recent viral trend is “Look At Your Keyboard” and everyone is creating content on it. From basic posts to funny memes, you will probably get similar posts every time you refresh your feed. From Delhi Police to major brands, almost everyone has joined this trend.

Here Are Some Amazing Posts On The ‘Look At Your Keyboard’ Trend

Delhi Police joined Netizens and posted something unique and fun about this super viral trend.

Delhi Police’s X post stated about “someone” people will meet if they type on their mobiles while driving. If they use mobiles, they will be met by Delhi Police with a challan. And put it humorously, the post asked everyone to look between Q and R.

There is an ongoing forever debate about the existence of veg biryani. While vegetarians call it a proper biryani dish, most non-vegetarians believe it to be just pulao.

Swiggy joined the ‘look at your keyboard’ trend and posted that veg biryani is the best. Well, they also asked us to look between H and L on the keyboard. Haha, the food delivery company was just joking (JK).

Zomato joined the viral social media trend as well.

Zomato asked us to look between R and Y on our keyboard to find the solution to fix all our problems. The letter T is found between R and Y and clearly, tea fixes every issue. Tea lovers, assemble!

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Blinkit also marked its presence among other brands in this trend.

The summer season is here and this is the best time to enjoy fresh juicy mangoes. And guess who loves this yummy fruit? To find the answer, Blinkit asked us to look between Y and O on the keyboard. The answer is U and I (You and I).

Tinder India has something special for all the single people out there.

Tired of finding someone to go on a date? Tinder asked Netizens to look between Y and O to find that special someone to go on a date together.

Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To This Viral Trend

While many X users are enjoying the trend of ‘look at your keyboard’, others are quite fed up with seeing similar posts again and again. Amid posts garnering appreciation, there are many angry reactions as well. Here’s how Netizens are responding to the trend.

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What do you think about the ‘look at your keyboard’ trend?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva, X/ Delhi Police (@DelhiPolice), X/ Dr Smita Jha (@smitajha0904)

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