From Forest To Your Table, Here Is All You Need To Know About The Nilgiris Wild Food Festival Happening In December

by Shreya Rathod
From Forest To Your Table, Here Is All You Need To Know About The Nilgiris Wild Food Festival Happening In December

Nature is bliss, but the Nilgiris is a whole other story to tell. Spread across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala, this mountain range is home to tribals and indigenous people of India, the preservers of nature. These tribes have their own rules, traditions, culture, and food. Come explore what it is like to be in the dense forest and the Nilgiris Wild Food Festival 2022.

Enjoy Indigenous Food And Music Nilgiris Wild Food Festival

Nilgiris Wild Food Festival
Credits: thenilgirisfoundation/ Instagram

The Nilgiris Wild Food Festival is a way for the tribals to give you an insight into their life in the forest. Also, the festival is a way to open conversation regarding the future of the tribals and global warming. The festival will start in Udagamandalam on December 19, 2022. The visitors will experience tribal village life. Also, there will be traditional handlooms and an art display. The Irula community will cook food from locally harvested millet and honey.

On December 21, in Kotagiri, there will be an interactive session on the preservation of the forest, wild food, sustainability, etc. Further, there will be an exhibition of wild produce. Visitors will get to enjoy indigenous food and music, and lunch served will be a simple vegetarian meal made of forest produce. The last day is a treat from the chef’s kitchen. There is a lavish gourmet menu that consists of experimental dishes curated by the chef.

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Nilgiris Foundation

Nilgiris Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development of tribals and bridging the gap between the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve and the rest of the world. They are a part of the Keystone Foundation, which focuses on the conservation and livelihood of the marginalised.

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Most tribals are involved in honey extraction. This foundation brings the forgotten food of the tribes into the limelight. The tickets to this food festival are available on their official website. If you are a nature lover, do visit and be one with nature.

Cover Image Courtesy: thenilgirisfoundation/ Instagram