From Gin To Rum, 7 Coffee-Infused Hard Drinks Caffeine Lovers Cannot Say No To

The fusion of coffee with alcohol is a great invention for all coffee and alcohol lovers!

by Ankita Mazumdar
From Gin To Rum, 7 Coffee-Infused Hard Drinks Caffeine Lovers Cannot Say No To

Doesn’t it feel right when you take in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee? Whether it is the morning or at night, coffee cognoscenti can feel the yummy taste on their tongue! Now, think of combining the rich flavours of coffee with the tantalising and strong flavours of alcohol to build some delightful coffee-infused drinks. The world of mixology and coffee are colliding because both coffee lovers and alcohol lovers cannot say no to this symphony of taste. Let’s check out some of the coolest coffee-infused hard drinks.

Coffee Lovers Will Gulp Down These 7 Coffee-Infused Hard Drinks

1. Coffee Negroni With Gin

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We are sure whenever you hear the word ‘Negroni’ you are reminded of the viral video of Emma D’Arcy explaining her favourite drink! Well, this negroni is infused with espresso shot, gin and Campari along with other ingredients. It is said that Count Camillo Negroni requested his usual americano order but with gin in place of soda water. And there you have it, your Coffee Negroni.

2. Triple Espresso Martini With Rum

Coffee-Infused Drinks
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This one definitely had to be included in the list of coolest coffee-infused hard drinks! The Espresso Martini is an extremely classy and go-to drink ordered by coffee lovers. To add a little twist to this coffee-infused cocktail, paired with coconut rum and amaretto to an actual espresso. You will obtain a good creamy layer on top and do not forget to garnish with coffee beans on top. Three to be precise!

3. Mexican Coffee Cocktail With Tequila

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This classic cocktail made its debut in the mixology world in the 1980s. This is an Irish coffee with a Mexican twist as created by Victor Bergeron. The twist is quite a simple one, you just have to add a good portion of grounded cloves and cinnamon to hot coffee, tequila, Kahlúa and vanilla ice cream! If you are a fan of these spices, it is right up your alley.

4. Rüdesheimer Kaffee With Brandy

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Germany’s famous 1957 cocktail is a fine culmination of brandy, coffee, whipped cream and chocolate. It is no less than a magical show when you witness its preparation. In a tall mug, put a couple of sugar cubes, pour warm brandy on top and light it on fire. Then break the sugar cubes and let it burn for a minute. Pour hot coffee and whipped cream; top it off with chocolate shavings.

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5. White Russian With Vodka

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White Russian is one of the most loved cocktails on the list of coffee-infused hard drinks. A flavourful drink is made by combining vodka, coffee liqueur and heavy cream. This popular concoction is just that simple. Some like to top it off with whipped cream, the bigger the better! Am I right, vodka lovers?

6. Bushwacker With Dark Rum

Do you want to enjoy a smoothie that contains alcohol and coffee in it? Who wouldn’t? Bushwacker is a slurpy coffee-infused cocktail that is similar to piña colada but with flavours of coffee and chocolate. To make it a delish one add dark rum, Kahlúa and coconut cream and then viola, you have a yummy drink in your hand! Do not have too many of these, might regret it later!

7. Wake The Dead With Tequila & Coffee Liqueur

Coffee-Infused Drinks
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This cocktail has been aptly named because you get double the essence of coffee along with the strong flavour of tequila. It is a known fact that both these flavours complement each other, hence drinking it would wake you up from your dead-tired days. This drink doubles up on coffee with coffee liqueur and espresso. The crisp taste of tequila on top just hits the target.

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Now that you are aware of some of the coolest coffee-infused cocktails to order at the bar, which one will you start with? Cheers!

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