There Is A Kashmir In Odisha That Receives Snowfall In Winters, Has Coffee Gardens, Jungles & More

Experience a blissful snowfall in the state of Odisha!

by Ankita Mazumdar
There Is A Kashmir In Odisha That Receives Snowfall In Winters, Has Coffee Gardens, Jungles & More

Did you know that the state of Odisha has its own Kashmir? Yes, you read that correctly, Kashmir in Odisha! You can experience a pristine winter season like that of Kashmir with serene snowfall at this beautiful hill station. This spot in Odisha is commonly known as ‘Kashmir Of Odisha’ and offers pretty rainforests, coffee gardens, amazing valleys, flora and fauna. Let’s slide into the winter wonderland of Odisha.

Discover A Snowfall Paradise With Kashmir In Odisha 

Daringbadi is a hill station in Odisha and is known as the ‘Kashmir Of Odisha’. It is a popular tourist destination situated in the Kandhamal district at a height of 915 m from sea level. This is the only place where you can experience snowfall in Odisha. A blanket of glistening snow is truly a glorious sight to behold in Odisha.

Why would you happen to stumble upon a Kashmir in the state of Odisha? Well, the climatic conditions and temperatures are largely similar to that of Kashmir and occasionally receive snowfall during the winter months. The population of Daringbadi consists mostly of tribal communities and would be an ideal location for engaging in tribal tourism along with beautiful scenic views of Kashmir in Odisha.

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The main attraction of ‘Kashmir Of Odisha’ is not just the snow-covered slopes but also the thick timberland forests, pine jungle, mesmerising valleys and plateaus filled with coffee, black pepper and turmeric gardens. The quality of these agricultural products is extremely high as turmeric has received a G.I. tag.

4 Places To Visit When In Daringbadi

  • Belghar Sanctuary – If you are a wildlife lover, you cannot miss out on this. This spot is filled with amazing treks where you can easily spot elephants, deer and leopards. Be careful!
  • Lover’s Point – As the name suggests, it indeed is a lover’s point. All the couples head over here to enjoy cosy picnics, bird watching and photography because it is surrounding hills and valleys. Hence, the views are breathtaking!
  • Emu Farm – Remember you read about emu birds during your childhood days? Now witness this unique flightless bird where you can gain knowledge about this species. An ideal spot for a family.
  • Doluri River – It becomes a serene scenic spot to explore as this river is gushing with water and has lush green surroundings. Daringbadi is a great tourist destination during the summer months as well.

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The ideal time to plan a trip to Daringbadi is recommended to be during November and July. Currently, Kashmir Of Odisha is ready to be explored by you. When are you booking your tickets to Kashmir, oh but in Odisha?

Cover Image Credits: X/ranvir_deb

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