What Is Melanistic Tiger Safari? Odisha Is All Set To Host The World’s First-Ever Such Safari

The Similipal Tiger Reserve is the world's sole wild habitat for melanistic tigers.

by Tejashee Kashyap
What Is Melanistic Tiger Safari? Odisha Is All Set To Host The World’s First-Ever Such Safari

Odisha harbours some of the most captivating tiger reserves. One such sanctuary is the renowned Similipal Tiger Reserve, a sprawling expanse of dense forests and rolling hills. The Similipal Tiger Reserve is the world’s sole wild habitat for melanistic tigers.

What’s Black Tiger Safari?

Odisha is preparing to offer guests an unprecedented experience with its planned black tiger safari. This provides a rare look into the lives of these majestic creatures in their native habitat. This special safari with three melanistic tigers will undoubtedly be unique.

The government of Odisha declared its intention to launch the world’s first melanistic tiger safari. The proposed safari will be close to Baripada, the Mayurbhanj district headquarters town. For this reason, a 200-hectare land next to National Highway-18 has been designated. The exhibit area will occupy about 100 hectares, with the remaining land being used to build veterinary care facilities, including a rescue centre, staff housing, and tourist amenities.

The black, thick stripes that set melanistic tigers apart are said to be unique to Simlipal Tiger Reserve. This action is anticipated to increase tourism in the area, giving visitors the chance to see the endangered big cat. Although reports of black tiger sightings in Odisha date back to 2007, this safari’s debut—the first melanistic tiger safari in history—marks a significant milestone.

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Into Similipal Tiger Reserve

The landscape itself is a sight to behold. Verdant forests are stretching as far as the eye can see in Similipal Tiger Reserve. Covering an enormous 2,750 square kilometres, the reserve offers a home to approximately 50 animal species, 300 bird species, 60 reptile species, and more, with 12 rivers crisscrossing its vast territory. It’s a haven for biodiversity, teeming with life in all its forms. Here, the safari experience begins with a sense of anticipation and excitement accompanied by seasoned guides and trackers who possess an intimate knowledge of the terrain and its inhabitants.

As this black tiger safari approaches completion, it will undoubtedly bring attention to Odisha on a global scale, turning it into a sanctuary for both wildlife fans and environmentalists who are excited about the prospect of seeing the rare and magnificent melanistic tiger in its native habitat.

Witnessing a tiger in the wild is a glimpse into a world where nature reigns supreme! So, when are you heading to this safari?

Cover image credits: Pexels

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