From Himachal’s Balaee Khichdi To Mongkhasar, These Sisters Share Recipes Of 60 Indian Khichdis

by Dikshita
From Himachal’s Balaee Khichdi To Mongkhasar, These Sisters Share Recipes Of 60 Indian Khichdis

What might be known as patients’ food, khichdi is far more talented than known. In fact, khichdi is one of the oldest dishes in the country. History says that when French traveller Jean-Baptiste Tavernier came to India in the 1600s, he found out that this dish was very common in the region. He called it a peasant’s evening meal, prepared with green lentils.

The word itself comes from the Sanskrit word ‘khiccha’, which translates to a dish prepared with rice and legumes. Years later, this dish has still strived to be served at every second dinner table in the country. 

Two sisters from Jaipur, Ratika Bhargava and Riccha Khetan have taken up this challenging step and come up with their book on 60 varieties of khichdi in India. The talented duo also owns their own venture.

The Sisters’ Venture And Their Khichdi Book


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The duo also own a venture called CauldronSisterss. Through this, they help aborning restaurant owners set up their space, create menus, cater, etc.

They started their venture in 2015 to share their food knowledge with a larger audience. They have always aspired to do something different.

That’s how they came up with their book– Khichdi: Simple, Soulful & Soothing in 2021. 

They said that despite such a successful venture they had never thought about a book. They always thought that recipes are online and a book is not needed. This soon changed after Ratika’s guruji from school advised her to go in that direction. They said that more people would benefit from knowing about khichdi in all its glory. She thought it was a good idea to compose their recipes and thoughts on the dish. 

That is how the sisters turned from culinary experts to entrepreneurs to authors as well. 

The book is a way of spreading the love for the dish through recipes from across the country. They have sold 15 copies so far, priced at ₹941 each. 

The duo has also pledged to give away all proceeds from the sales to charity and has donated ₹21,000 so far.

Varieties Of Khichdi From Across The Country

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Ratika said that to curate such a wide list they have collaborated with chefs who shared their knowledge and others are their creations.

She also added that every recipe has been tried and tested by them. Adding to that craziness, they cooked 31 recipes in a day. And Balaee khichdi of Himachal Pradesh topped their list of favourites. Five others that are on the list are:

  • Mongkhasar (Mong Khasar) from Kashmir 
  • Jagannath Puri Khichdi Prasad from Odisha 
  • Bhoger Khichuri from West Bengal 
  • Kharzi from Arunachal Pradesh 
  • Gud Nariyal Khichdi from Goa 

The varied cultural names must have already increased your curiosity. Read their book to get even more astonished!

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