From Negative HIV To Pregnancy Test: Here Are All The Requirements For UAE Visa For Workers

by Deeplata Garde
From Negative HIV To Pregnancy Test: Here Are All The Requirements For UAE Visa For Workers

UAE Visa has a long list of medical tests mandated for application. But the requirements are bifurcated based on blue-collar and white-collar jobs. Today we are focusing on the visa requirements for blue-collar jobs a.k.a the worker class. And the list of bizarre requirements may shock some of you. 

What Kind Of Medical Test Requirements Are Mandatory For UAE Visa Worker Class?

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HIV-positive or TB-positive individuals will be deemed medically unfit. Such symptoms will not let an individual eligible for a residence visa. The officials of the UAE will quickly deport them to their home country.

People who have been diagnosed with latent or inactive pulmonary tuberculosis are also regarded as healthy. They are given a “Health Fitness Certificate for Residence” for a year in this situation. But that will follow up by the Department of Preventive Medicine which is mandated to treat to achieve a healthy body.

Followed by TB is another communicable disease, HIV. The immune system of HIV positive people is considered weak making them more prone to certain infectious diseases. So if you test positive for the following then that makes another disease on the list to restrict people in the country. 

All resident expatriates who are extending their residence UAE visas are required to submit to a TB screening. The ones who are found to have scarring, active TB, or drug-resistant TB will be given a provisional fitness certificate and residence visas valid for one year. Afterwards, they will require medical attention in the UAE. Women who are entering the country with the plan of working in fields like saloon, nurseries or house-help needs to test negative for pregnancy.  Also, Syphillis and leprosy are also included in the list. 

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Here’s A Recap For All The Negative Tests For Worker Class

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  1. Tuberculosis
  2. HIV
  3. Syphilis
  4. Leprosy
  5. Negative Pregnancy

We understand the requirement of Tuberculosis and Leprosy as they are classified as communicable diseases. But we are still wrapping our heads around the need for testing negative for HIV, Syphilis and also a negative pregnancy for the UAE Visa for worker class. And mind that the requirements differ for every Emirate so pay attention. 

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