From October, Muscat Airport’s Southern Runway Will Start Operations With Enhanced Facilities

by Deeplata Garde
From October, Muscat Airport’s Southern Runway Will Start Operations With Enhanced Facilities

Muscat International Airport is gearing up to launch operations on its southern runway by October 2023. After the northern runway was operational in 2015, the southern runway operations were halted for rehabilitation work. Now finally after a long span and enhanced facilities, the Muscat airport is reopening the old runway.

Muscat International Airport To Begin Southern Runway In October

Marking a significant step forward, Muscat International Airport’s southern runway is poised to enter into operation in October 2023. Travellers can expect a rejuvenated appearance on the runway. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has confirmed that the comprehensive rehabilitation efforts encompassing the southern runway and its adjacent taxiways are on the cusp of culmination.

Noteworthy progress has been made, with works on the runway having reached completion. Currently, the installation of runway lighting is underway. Then it will be paving the way for the final rounds of meticulous inspections. The southern runway was first inaugurated in 197. It coincided with the Seeb International Airport’s debut. It is a pivotal component among the two runways at Muscat International Airport.

Serving as the primary conduit for domestic and international flights, the southern runway remained in operation until the inauguration of the northern runway in December 2014. This significant shift was part of the new passenger building’s construction scheme, which concluded in March 2018. Temporarily ceasing operations, the southern runway underwent extensive rehabilitation, encompassing a comprehensive renovation and a 500-meter extension. Furthermore, nine additional exit and entry lanes were introduced to accommodate aircraft, including four high-speed lanes.

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Enhanced Facilities, Revamped Look & More

These enhancements will usher in an era of elevated capabilities for Muscat International Airport. The revamped infrastructure will readily accommodate larger aircraft, including the A380. It can alongside facilitate swifter aircraft take-offs and entries, courtesy of the augmented exit and entry corridors. The reintroduction of the southern runway will contribute towards mitigating the noise disruptions caused by incoming and departing flights.

In summation, the impending inauguration of Muscat International Airport’s southern runway in October 2023 heralds a transformative phase for the airport. This development bolsters the airport’s operational capabilities. Also, it sets the stage for an enhanced and more seamless experience for the multitude of travellers it serves.

Cover Image Courtesy: Oman Airports