From Parambikulam Tiger Reserve To Shendurney, Go On These 6 Treks In Kerala’s National Parks

Have a magical experience by basking in nature’s lap with these treks in Kerala.

by Ankita Mazumdar
From Parambikulam Tiger Reserve To Shendurney, Go On These 6 Treks In Kerala’s National Parks

Planning for a fun long weekend getaway in Kerala? But do not want to go by the books of tourist guides, then you are at the right place. Adventure lovers, you are in for a treat because we have listed down some of the best treks in Kerala’s National Parks. You will be enthralled by the gorgeous panoramic views, sunsets, waterfalls and bountiful trek trails. Imagine basking in nature’s lap with greenery all around and animals running in front of you, these treks will give you that magical experience.

Embark On These Amazing 6 Treks In Kerala’s National Parks

1. Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

You will certainly hear the tigers roar here! The lush forests and wildlife of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve are bountiful with a 285 sq. km protected area in Palakkad. It has four adventurous treks that you have to embark on when you visit this spot. They are Bear Path Trail, Pugmark Trail, Elephant Song Trail and Kariyanshola Trail. The longest one is Pugmark Trail, 10 km and the rest are under 5-4 km treks. These treks are full of adventures and you will end up knowing a lot of new stuff like plantations, animals and water bodies.

2. Shendurney

Located in Pathanapuram, treks in Kerala, are a haven for nature and wildlife lovers! Hence trekking in the arms of nature is a peaceful experience. To make it easier for trekkers, you will find treks divided into hard and soft categories. They are Hard Trekking, Sky Walk, Reservoir Walk and Wet ‘N’ Wild Trial. With these, you will get to enjoy such beautiful sceneries of Parappar Dam, Enippara, Mananthara, Rosemala and Pallivasal. Sky Walk also aims to focus on the conservation of nature and it is a wholesome experience.

3. Eravikulam National Park

Want to experience breathtaking treks in Kerala that offer magnificent views of the bountiful tea plantation hills of Kerala? Eravikulam National Park has some of the best ones to offer in their tourist section of the park. Go on Kurinji Trail, Lakkom Waterfalls and Cascade Walk to bask in the glory of nature and its natural creations. The pristine hills, gushing of water and animals make it a complete package for a trek. Keep a note to catch a glimpse of the massive sea of Neelakurinji flowers which blooms after every 12 years!

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4. Silent Valley National Park

Boommiyampadi is rich in flora and fauna and is situated in the Nilgiri Hills in the Western Ghats. The trekking package has a stay-back option and offers more exciting activities. Silent Valley National Park spread across 237 sq km is a famous evergreen rainforest. Hence the national park is rich in biodiversity and people strive to maintain the ecosystem here. 

5. Nilambur – Nedumkayam

Nedumkayam rainforest in Malappuram is such a serene and beautiful place to be! You will thank yourself for choosing to go for a blissful trek in Kerala at this spot. If you embark on this trek then you will witness the splendid Mundakadav waterfalls and elephant herd enjoying their time here. Do not miss out on Conolly’s Plot, the oldest teak plantation in the world.

6. Chembra Peak

If you plan on going for a trek in Kerala, this should be on your list 100%. You will teleport to a fictional world with such beautiful lush greens, panoramic views and a heart-shaped pond called ‘Hridayasarassu’. All you have to do is plan a weekend getaway trip to Wayanad. People who have witnessed the magic at this peak say that this gorgeous pond is set in between a crispy green meadow and the essence will come to life when you visit during monsoon season.

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Trekking adventures are always fun and if you plan with your friends and family then it is a more eventful experience. If you want to book exciting trekking packages for the above-mentioned ones, then click here.

Happy trekking in Kerala!

Cover Image Credits: Canva

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