From Brahmatal Trek To Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek, Go On 6 Treks To Catch A Glorious Sight Of Rhododendrons Blooming

Rhododendron, a native of the Indian Himalayas, are in full bloom now!

by Ankita Mazumdar
From Brahmatal Trek To Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek, Go On 6 Treks To Catch A Glorious Sight Of Rhododendrons Blooming

You have heard people endlessly raving about the pretty cherry blossoms in Japan. So much so that they book tickets to witness this beauty. But were you aware that India has a version of this in the mighty Himalayan ranges? Astonishing, isn’t it and you don’t even need a visa to witness it! See a bunch of captivating pink, scarlet, red, purple, and magenta rhododendrons blossoming in full glory. The ideal time to witness rhododendrons dancing is from late February to late April. So plan a rhododendrons trek to these places and the stunning sight you are about to witness will be a core memory for you!

6 Treks To Witness The Himalayas Ablaze With Hues Of Blooming Rhododendrons

1. Brahmatal Trek

If you are certainly impatient and cannot wait for an entire trek to witness the glory of rhododendrons in the Himalayas, then Brahmatal Trek in Uttarakhand is perfect for you. You will find rhododendrons as soon as you start the trek. The base camp for the trek is Lohajung and this place is filled with these gorgeous flowers. On the way, you will have another magical experience at Bekaltal. It has a glistening lake and the petals are floating on it; you can imagine where we are heading with this!

2. Deoriatal-Chandrashila Trek

This trek in Uttarakhand has a bountiful collection of rhododendron forests. The trek up to the Deoriatal Lake is beautiful and as you come face to face with the lake, you heave a sigh of relief. Why? The sight in front of you is just too mesmerising. There are gorgeous canopies of rhododendrons alongside the lake. So much so that you will also have the opportunity to walk a thick bed of fallen rhododendrons. Honestly, it screams main character vibes, get that Bollywood scenic shot! Don’t forget to put a cluster of rhododendrons behind your ear. P.S. You might witness some snow on this trek.

3. Goechala Trek

This trek is known to have people embark from all over the world because it has large sections of rhododendrons in the Himalayas. To be precise, the portion between Tshoka and Phedang is locally known as ‘the rhododendron belt’. You will be surrounded by scarlet hues of these blooming flowers which is no less than an aesthetic Pinterest picture in real life.

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4. Sandakphu-Phalut Trek 

Let’s go towards West Bengal and catch a glorious sight with a perfect view of Kanchenjunga and Mount Everest. Here, trek to the sections of Samanden and Molley where you will be enthralled by rhododendron forests! All the pretty pinks around you might just evoke last year’s Barbie vibes! But you will also get to witness pretty colours of light pink, white, and yellow. You can also visit Singalila National Park to glimpse these flowers.

5. Ranthan Kharak

Ranthan Kharak has emerged as a new hotspot for rhododendrons in Uttarakhand. As this trek is a new location, you will not find crowds here, hence it is rather a calmer and peaceful trek. Because it doesn’t have much human interaction, birds are flocking the trees here. This trek will serve you rhododendrons like no other trek. From Namik to Bajimanian to Chopu campsites, the places are filled with glorious blossoms.

6. Kedarkantha Trek

Another Himalayan trek which is blazing with rhododendrons! Here you get a side of snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas and a bunch of pretty rhododendrons. It doesn’t end there, you will see gushing waters of rivers Tons, Supin Yamuna and Ganga, almost all the time. Isn’t that crazy, india truly is incredible and fascinating to explore. Taking short breaks and enjoying the pretty meadows is such a great experience!

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Now that you are aware of these beautiful treks, you can embark on the Himalayas and soak in the season of blooming rhododendrons!

Cover Image Credits: Canva

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