From Richard Gere To Saif-Kareena, This Iconic Mumbai Restaurant Is A Celeb-Favourite!

by Mallika Khurana

In the heart of bustling Mumbai, where time dances to the rhythm of life, there exists a timeless haven known as Gallops Restaurant. For an astounding 37 years, this culinary gem has graced the vibrant cityscape, becoming an indelible part of its cultural fabric. It is not just a go-to for Mumbaikars but for celebrities as well. With a vibe that keeps you entertained and a menu that keeps your taste buds happy, Gallops is certainly the place to be.

Gallops Has Always Been A Celeb-Fave


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What truly sets Gallops apart is its magnificent garden—a lush, evergreen oasis that has been lovingly nurtured by owner Jasmine Singh for nearly four decades. With each passing year, she weaves new stories within its green embrace, making it a serene sanctuary amidst the urban flurry.  Amidst the symphony of flavours and the gentle rustle of leaves, Gallops has been witness to countless cherished moments.

Among them, the visit of Hollywood icon Richard Gere and the artistic presence of the legendary M.F. Hussain stand as luminous stars in Gallops’ storied history. Can you believe he used to paint on the tablecloths and napkins here? Within these hallowed walls, celebrities have dined, laughed, and created unforgettable memories. Stars like Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, and their son Taimur Ali Khan have also visited here on their special days.

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This Restaurant Is Truly Timeless


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Is that where its story of fame ends? Certainly not! In 2009, Gallops achieved a defining moment when the esteemed fashion house, Louis Vuitton, included it in its Mumbai city guide. This recognition underscored the restaurant’s status as a timeless icon in the city.

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If one were to encapsulate Gallops in three words, Jasmine’s choice would be poetic—”timeless, delicious, and beautiful.” These words not only describe the restaurant but also evoke the emotions it invokes in every guest.

Gallops is a living testament to the beauty of fine cuisine, cherished memories, and the enduring allure of Mumbai’s heartbeat.

Where: Mahalaxmi, Mumbai
When: 12 pm – 11 pm
Cost: ₹2,700 (For two)

Cover Image Courtesy: Gallops/Instagram