From Scratched Seat To Broken Headphone Jack, Man Calls Air India NYC-Delhi Flight A “Disaster”

The flight had a defective TV, a broken headphone jack, and more such issues.

by Shreya Ghosh
From Scratched Seat To Broken Headphone Jack, Man Calls Air India NYC-Delhi Flight A “Disaster”

We have often heard about passengers complaining about the quality of food served on flights. Sadly, many of us have faced similar experiences as well. Irrespective of which airline we have travelled with, the flying experience has been unpleasant at times. Recently, a passenger took to social media to talk about his experiences of catching an Air India flight from New York to travel to Delhi. Was the journey average or just bad? Let’s find out!

Man Ranted About Air India Flight From NYC To Delhi

Taking to Instagram, Akul Dhingra (@akuldhingra) shared a video pointing out the inconveniences he faced during his long-haul journey.


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The air journey between Delhi and New York takes time over 15 hours. During such journeys, passengers look forward to comfort, good food, and a pleasant experience. Sadly, the expectations were far from reality for Akul Dhingra. The content creator did not have a great time during his journey from NYC to Delhi. In this video, he shared about the inconveniences and judged the food served on the flight as well.

Akul shared small clips of how his seat was scratched and the table attached to his seat was literally sliding. The cup of beverage kept on it was sliding down completely if not held by someone. Also, the installed television was dysfunctional with a broken headphone jack. Clearly, there was no source of entertainment on this Air India long-haul flight between NYC and Delhi.

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How Was The Food?

Air India Flight
Picture credit- Instagram/ Akul Dhingra (@akuldhingra)

Rice was served with kaali mirch chicken and vegetables for the first meal. Rating it only 4/10, he shared that the chicken did not have enough kaali mirch (black pepper) and salt. Though the main course was not up to the mark for him, he really enjoyed the dessert, and chocolate pudding, and rated it a11/10.

For the second meal, he got chicken biryani and salan. The meal packet was packed with about 7 bites of rice and just 1 chicken piece. The next dish served on the Air India flight from NYC to Delhi was a Chicken Kathi. Akul shared that it was either delicious or he was just starving.

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Have you travelled with Air India before? If yes, how was your experience?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Akul Dhingra (@akuldhingra), Wikimedia Commons

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