From Security Guard To Chef, Suresh Pillai Shares His Journey; Credits His Employer For Giving Him A “Chance That Changed Everything!”

In a wholesome post on X, Chef Suresh Pillai shared his journey and even thanked his first employer for giving him a job despite no vacancy at that time.

by Tashika Tyagi
From Security Guard To Chef, Suresh Pillai Shares His Journey; Credits His Employer For Giving Him A “Chance That Changed Everything!”

Celebrity chef Suresh Pillai needs no introduction! His journey to reaching the top, however, does! In his recent X (formerly Twitter) post, Suresh Pillai shared his initial struggles and “rough start” as a 17-year-old in Kollam, Kerala. He recalled the time when he was working as a security guard and how his first “real” employer helped him. In his own words, the man gave him a “chance that changed everything.” So, many years later, when the chef met him again, he repaid the man’s kindness and made him the Public Relations Manager of his newest restaurant in Kerala! Scroll on to read the wholesome story!

Chef Suresh Pillai Shares His Journey & Thanks His First Employer

We firmly believe that kindness never goes in vain and chef Suresh Pillai’s latest X (formerly Twitter) post is proof of that! The celebrity chef shared his struggle and initial journey as a 17-year-old in Kollam and how his first “real” employer helped him in his rough journey.

In the post, chef Suresh Pillai talked about how he used to work as a security guard but wanted to do something else in his life. So, he walked up to “all the stores at Bishop Jerome Nagar in Kollam” to see what he could do. That’s when he reached the restaurant ‘Chef King’. He asked the receptionist for a job and met his mentor – Mani Sir.

He gave Chef Pillai a “real job, with a monthly salary of ₹450!” It was only later that the chef got to know that the restaurant never really had any vacancy and that Mani Sir gave him the opportunity “out of the concern and care he had for a young boy.” It was at this restaurant that the chef was introduced to the world of culinary. From helping the cooks to washing and cleaning, all the time spent in the kitchen originated the chef’s passion for cooking.

And to repay his kindness, chef Suresh Pillai recently appointed Mani Sir as the Public Relations Manager of his restaurant Sanchari in Palakkad! Life really came full circle for both these wonderful people.

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Netizens React To The Wholesome Post

Suresh Pillai
Image Courtesy: X/chef_pillai

People on the Internet love this story of gratitude and compassion! They applauded chef Suresh Pillai for remembering his first employer and the role he played in his success. At the same time, others lauded his life journey and made it through all the struggles. Here are some comments from this post that you cannot miss!

Now, if this isn’t the best thing you read on the Internet today then what is?! It is amazing to see how someone’s small action can play such an important role in another person’s life. We agree with the comments on the post and believe that everyone needs a ‘Mani Sir’ in their life and when life allows, you should be someone’s ‘Mani Sir’ as well!

Cover Image Courtesy: X/chef_pillai

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