From Seoul To Mumbai & Bangalore, KFC Brings K-POP Korean Chicken Popcorn To Spice Up Your Snack Time!

This limited-time treat brings the flavours of Seoul to Mumbai and Bangalore.

by Mallika Khurana
From Seoul To Mumbai & Bangalore, KFC Brings K-POP Korean Chicken Popcorn To Spice Up Your Snack Time!

Annyeonghaseyo, K-fans! KFC has just unveiled a culinary masterpiece that’s set to tantalise taste buds and transport foodies straight to the bustling streets of Seoul. Introducing the K-POP Korean Chicken Popcorn—a sensational twist on the beloved Chicken Popcorn, infused with the vibrant and zesty flavours of Korean cuisine. This isn’t just another menu addition; it’s a celebration of the K-wave that has swept across India, influencing everything from food to music, fashion, and beyond.

A Korean Twist On A Classic Favourite


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Imagine the classic KFC Chicken Popcorn, already a crowd-pleaser, now draped in the rich, spicy, and savoury notes characteristic of Korean cuisine. This limited-time offering features a tantalising blend of fiery chilli, savoury soy, and crunchy sesame, creating an explosion of flavours that will make every bite a memorable experience. KFC has certainly captured the essence of Korean culinary magic, making it accessible to Indian palates.

KFC didn’t just launch a new product; they threw a spectacular event that brought the essence of Seoul to Mumbai. The “VIBE BY KFC: K-POP EDITION” was an exclusive, invite-only celebration filled with all things Korean. From stylised concert bands to KFC-themed lanterns and neon signs, the event was a visual and sensory treat.

Guests enjoyed a unique noraebang (Korean karaoke) experience, where they could sing their hearts out and enjoy the delicious K-POP Korean Chicken Popcorn. The ambiance was further enhanced with a Polaroid booth, allowing fans to capture and take home their special moments. It was certainly a night of music, food, and fun, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of GenZ and their love for Korean culture.

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A Delightful Limited Edition Packaging


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Adding to the excitement is the limited edition packaging that KFC has rolled out in select restaurants. These bright and colourful boxes are adorned with cherry blossoms, musical notes, guitars, and buzzing disco lights, capturing the energetic vibe of K-Pop. The design also features elements of Korean architecture, fans, and stylised pink clouds, making the packaging a collector’s item for fans.

Priced starting at just ₹109, the K-POP Korean Chicken Popcorn is a treat for both the taste buds and the wallet. Available in multiple sizes, this delightful snack is currently offered in Bangalore and Mumbai for a limited period. Whether you’re a longtime KFC fan or a K-wave enthusiast, this new addition to the menu is a must-try.

So, grab a box, join the K-wave, and savour the unique flavours that have taken the world by storm.

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