From Sharing Idli Sambar To Watching Over Her Dog, Woman’s Thread About Mysuru’s Neighbours Is GOLD

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
From Sharing Idli Sambar To Watching Over Her Dog, Woman’s Thread About Mysuru’s Neighbours Is GOLD

The internet is simply an amazing place to be. You get to know about so many things that are going on across the world. Well, not only on a national level but many times on a personal level. We get to know about people’s experiences if they post about them on social media. Something similar happened when a Twitter user shared a thread of praise about her neighbours in Mysuru, and we are smiling!

Twitter User’s Mysuru Neighbours Thread Is Beautiful 

A woman who lives in Mysuru has shared a very beautiful thread of her experiences where she is all praise for her neighbours. In the first thread, the woman shared a picture of idli, gunpowder, and chutney. Her neighbour had actually made her breakfast when she was out for her yoga session. 

In the other post, she shared that one of her neighbours cooked bisi bele bhath for her. The other neighbour sends her plants and biscuits for her dogs. She mentioned that the whole street is like a family now. They all tend to have each other’s utensils in their kitchens as they constantly share food. 

In the next post, she mentioned that her neighbours and the maid made sure to watch over it until she came back home. 

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Netizens Find It So Heartwarming

The tweet thread posted by @G_y_tri has received about 15.1K views and over 190 likes. Many netizens found it hard to believe that in this age, the user has found such reliable and kind neighbours. This is because in today’s fast paced world, we barely know who stays in the house next door. 

Some of them reminisced about the old Mysore days when everything and everyone were good and kind. One of the users wrote that this shows that the woman herself is a good neighbour and has reciprocated in this way. Netizens were happy to read this heartwarming thread and sent their good wishes. 

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