From Soups To Rice, 3 Ways To Freeze Different Food Items The Right Way To Ensure Longevity

Freezing different food items
by Mallika Khurana

It’s hard not to get stuck with leftovers every time we cook. No matter how much we try to be cautious about the quantity, we always end up making more. That also holds true when buying food. Especially when purchasing raw ingredients, we aim to get enough for a week. But does it ever go according to our plans? Well, there comes your freezer to the rescue. You can always freeze food to make sure it stays fresh for as long as possible. But it does require a little bit of effort to store the food properly. Here is everything you need to know about different food items.

How To Freeze Different Food Items?

Freezing food

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Plastic Containers Work Best For Soups, Purees, And Other Liquid-Based Leftovers

In the restaurant business, plastic containers are a staple. Apart from that, they make a useful addition to other places, such as the freezer in your house. They’re sturdy enough to withstand the icy temperatures of the freezer. Not to mention, they are so simple to stack in orderly rows, making them ideal for freezing soups, gravy dishes, and veggies. 

Pro tip: It’s pretty easy to mark the containers for your convenience. You must also remember not to fill them up too much to avoid breaking them due to freezing.

For Dry Dishes Like Cooked Rice, Chicken, Or Veggies, Ziploc Bags Will Be Your Saviour

A simple freezer bag is comparatively more space-efficient than storing leftover cooked rice in a plastic box. To make it simple to stack containers of cooked rice, diced chicken, or sauteed vegetables in your freezer, spread them out in Ziploc bags and lay them neatly in the freezer,

Pro tip: Until they are saved from any kind of wear and tear, you can easily reuse them. Be sure to dispose of them when they start to smell weird.

Mason Jars Are The Sustainable And Air-Tight Way To Go

There are many reasons to prefer glass containers for storing food over other options. They are not only sustainable but also make for an air-tight measure for freezing things without letting moisture in. They are simply the best option for freezing things for a longer period of time. Choose them to store all your nuts, seeds, spices, grains, etc.

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Keep These In Mind While Freezing Food

Freezing food items

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These are the tips you need to keep in mind while freezing food:

  • Make sure to freeze food once it has reached room temperature.
  • Ice cube trays can be used to freeze herbs, purees, and broths.
  • Make sure all food items are wrapped or covered properly before freezing.
  • Food items with high water content will not have the same texture once defrosted.
  • Avoid refreezing a food item that has been thawed once.
  • Make sure your freezer isn’t overstuffed and blocking air circulation.

With all this information at your fingertips, you will soon be an expert at freezing food.

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