From Stabbing To Peeing To Smoking, All That Has Happened In Flights This Week So Far

by Shreya Ghosh

Every time you refresh your Twitter feed, you will see something or the other happening inside an airport or any passenger doing something bizarre while flying. Such weird news has become a common thing and unfortunately, the number of such inconveniences is only increasing. We are in the mid-week now and already a few incidents in-flight have happened. From a passenger peeing on a flight to someone stabbing a flight attendant, the activities are just too much. Let’s take a look at what happened on flights in the last couple of days!

These Incidents In Flights Were Reported This Week

1. A Man Was Found Smoking On An Air India Flight

A passenger identified as Anil Meena was caught on the Delhi-bound AI-763 plane for smoking onboard. He sneaked into the lavatory and attempted to smoke. Once reported, an investigation took place and the man admitted that he is a chain smoker.

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2. A Drunk Student Was Caught Peeing On American Airlines Plane

On an American Airlines flight from New York to New Delhi, an inebriated passenger allegedly relieved himself on his fellow passenger. Identified as Arya Vohra, the drunk passenger flying on the American Airlines AA292 is a student studying in the United States.

3. A Woman Passenger Was Caught Smoking On An IndiGo Flight

Identified as Priyanka Chakraborty, the flyer was seen smoking in the lavatory of an IndiGo flight. IndiGo flight 6E 716 was travelling to Bengaluru from Kolkata. She was caught smoking about half an hour before reaching the Bengaluru airport. She was also arrested.

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4. A Man Tried To Open The Emergency Exit & Stab An Attendant On A United Airlines Plane

ABC 7 Chicago shared a video of a man allegedly trying to open the emergency exit door of a United Airlines flight on their Twitter handle @ABC7Chicago. You can check out the video here!

On a United Airlines plane to Boston from Los Angeles, a male passenger allegedly attempted to open the emergency door. Also, he tried to stab an attendant in the neck. He has been arrested right after the incident.

Such incidents are a major inconvenience for the airline and fellow passengers.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, Twitter/ ABC 7 Chicago (@ABC7Chicago)