From Vantara To Animal Aid Unlimited, Here Are 6 Animal Rescue Centres To Visit In India

Get a glimpse of the sustenance of creatures at rehabilitation centres across the country.

by Ankita Mazumdar
From Vantara To Animal Aid Unlimited, Here Are 6 Animal Rescue Centres To Visit In India

Are you an animal lover who is willing to contribute to the development and rescue of needy animals? We have curated a list of animal rescue centres in India where they have facilities for rehabilitation for animals. They have thousands of saved animals given a new life. Take a look at these and plan to contribute your part:

6 Animal Rescue Centres To Definitely Visit In India

1. Vantara In Gujarat


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Anant Ambani’s 3,000-acre visionary project recently opened for visitors in Jamnagar, located in the Green Belt Of Gujarat. He is the younger son of Mukesh Ambani. It is also known as the world’s largest zoo along with the largest animal rescue and rehabilitation centre! They have perfect guided tours for visitors who wish to get a glimpse of the injured and endangered animals who have a vast home in the lush jungles of Jamnagar with a functioning kitchen and a hospital for their treatments. Some of the rescued animals here are elephants, rhinos, leopards, crocodiles and many more.

2. Animal Aid Unlimited In Udaipur

Udaipur is one of the prettiest cities to tour in India. The heritage, architecture and culture combine to give a picturesque scene of Udaipur, where tucked near the lakes is one such animal rescue centre which is also a sanctuary. Animal Aid Unlimited (AAU) was launched in 2002 by Jim Myers and Erika Abrams. Here, injured animals are treated and so far they have catered to birds, dogs, cats, donkeys, cows, monkeys, pigs and more. After treatment, some of them even gain at home under the roof of AAU. you have to opportunity to aid and help the needy creatures here.

3. Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation In Assam

Kaziranga National Park is an extremely popular spot for wildlife tours when you visit Assam. But do you know there is another great spot near this? Head over to Panbari’s Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation, an animal rescue centre in India, that caters to the needs of distressed animals such as leopards, rhinos, elephants, tigers, and black bears. Get an insight into the amazing work done by professionals to rescue animals and save precious creatures of India.

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4. Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Center (BBRC) In Bengaluru

Ever been fascinated by bears? Wildlife SOS in Bengaluru has a facility to conserve and rehabilitate sloth bears. BBRC came into existence with an agreement between the Karnataka Forest Department and the Zoo Authority of Karnataka in 2005. One of the main focuses is on the illegal ‘dancing bear’ trades, poaching and human-bear conflicts. Currently, BBRC has 60 rescued bears making it the world’s second-largest rescue centre for sloth bears. Also, these rescued bears have an extremely nutritious and healthy diet of porridge, honey and loads of fruits.

5. Animal Rescue Centre In Visakhapatnam

Do not skip out on the Animal Rescue Centre when you are planning to visit Indira Gandhi Zoo Park in Visakhapatnam, India. It has catered to rescue numerous lions and tigers for over two decades, mainly rescued from circuses. Not just that, you can witness crocodiles, tortoises, sloth bears and more. Another notable one is chicks from Alexandrine Parakeet. These chicks are saved from Wildlife Trafficking at Vizag railway station.

6. Chamundi Wild Animals Rescue Rehabilitation In Mysore


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Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens in India has a rescue centre with rescued tigers, leopards, elephants and bird species but it is not specially a rescue centre. It is also a rehabilitation and conservative breeding for wild animals. For breeding, the animals are Indian Gaur, Indian Grey Wolf, Dhole and Lion Tailed Macaque among others. While there is a fully-functioning veterinary hospital catering to all animals in need.

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Now that you are aware of these places working as an animal rescue centre in India, would you like to visit them soon?

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