From Yorkshire Pudding To Pierogi, Try 6 Traditional Christmas Appetisers From Around The World

by Ankita Mazumdar
From Yorkshire Pudding To Pierogi, Try 6 Traditional Christmas Appetisers From Around The World

The wintry crispy chilly air, streets and houses heavily decorated with ornaments and lights signal that Christmas is around. It is surely not a merry Christmas when there are no traditional rituals followed or traditional dishes being prepared with much love. Doesn’t it feel right when you walk into your home and that beautiful aroma of traditional Christmas appetisers hits you? We have some of them listed for you.

6 Traditional Christmas Appetisers From Around The World

1. Yorkshire’s Yorkshire Pudding

Well, how could we miss this one when the list is for traditional Christmas appetisers? If you have had the chance to enjoy a Sunday roast in the United Kingdom and relish a plate of Yorkshire Pudding, then you know what is up. It is made with some of the simplest ingredients like eggs, flour and milk. It is poured in a hot skillet and this goodness is baked in the oven. The result is a golden-brown crispy and puffy Yorkshire Pudding. This savoury appetiser’s hollow centre becomes perfect for holding gravy.

2. Poland’s Pierogi

Dumplings never go out of style, do they? Pierogi is a Polish dish that is under the category of a traditional Christmas appetiser. These are crescent-shaped and the fillings are either savory or sweet which makes it a versatile dish. Normal dumplings are generally not sweet and also have fillings like minced meat or veggies. Pierogi is stuffed with cheese, meat, fruit, mashed potatoes, or sauerkraut (fermented raw cabbage). Polish fry or boil these dumplings and serve with sour cream, onions, apple sauce, or bacon bits.

3. Goa’s Sorpotel

If you like a combination of spicy and tangy then you will love Sorpotel. It is a pork dish where the meat is marinated in red chilies black pepper and cloves, not to miss the incredible coconut vinegar as well. Hence it is rich in flavour and your tastebuds will thank you for experiencing such a great appetiser. Wanna make it better? Dig into it after a day or so and store it in the fridge nicely, it will heighten the flavours!

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4. Netherlands’ Queso De Bola

The term ‘Queso De Bola’ has its roots in Spanish which translates to a round shape. It is a Christmas appetisers as it is a semi-hard cheese made up from cow’s milk. The cheese is encased in a red wax rind and while serving it is sliced. Serving slices of Queso De Bola is a festive joy that also showcases as a symbol of wealth. It is also popularly known as Edam cheese.

5. Brazil’s Farofa

It might be a little unusual for you but don’t overthink it and dig into it. It is prepared by toasting cassava flour in butter and then adding onions, garlic, bacon, or sausage bits. This becomes very crunchy and the taste is just a chef’s kiss. The aroma from it can alone make us drool. This is served along with a traditional Brazilian black bean stew which is also known as feijoada.

South Africa’s Malva Pudding
Another traditional Christmas appetisers which is iconic for its rich and sticky texture. It is prepared with sugar, butter, eggs, milk, and apricot jam as the main ingredients. These combined give you a delicious, moist and decadent pudding. You can say it is maybe similar to a sticky toffee pudding alluding to the caramelised flavour. It is served warm and topped it off with vanilla ice cream or custard.

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Honestly, we are just drooling and dying to taste these indulgent traditional Christmas appetisers. What are you waiting for?

Merry Christmas!

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