What Are The 22 Food Items That Make Goan & Mangalorean Catholics’ Christmas Kuswar Platter?

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
What Are The 22 Food Items That Make Goan & Mangalorean Catholics’ Christmas Kuswar Platter?

The Goan and Mangalorean Catholic communities get together and embark on a task to make various local treats consisting of sweets and savoury goodies that fill the Kuswar platter, which will be shared with friends, family, neighbours, and others on Christmas. Kuswar, which translates to “traditional platter” in Konkani, is especially well-liked among the Goan, Mumbai, and Mangalorean Catholic populations in India. 

Goan & Mangalorean Catholics’ Christmas Kuswar Platter

Every home has a different assortment and quantity of treats on the Kuswar platter. The selection of items can be as simple as ten different types of snacks or as complex as 22 different types of regional sweet and savoury pastries, such as the well-known plum cake that appears on a Kuswar platter.

Perada: Also known as guava cheese, perada is a delectable treat that is made from Goa’s surprisingly abundant guava crop each Christmas.

Nevariya: A Mangalorean twist on a popular North Indian delicacy, these fried puffs are filled with a blend of almonds, plums, and fried sesame seeds and sweetened with sugar. 

Milk Cream: Easily one of the most decadent confections ever, this cashew nut and milk fudge tastes as good as it sounds.

Doce: This is another of the Kuswar staples that can be made in a matter of minutes. It is made by mixing sugar, powdered coconut paste, boiled split Bengal gram, and ghee over moderate heat.

Bebik: This Queen of Goan Desserts is a traditional layer cake that is more like a pudding. Any Goan celebration would be incomplete without this dish, which is made with flour, infused with butter and egg yolk, and given its moisture with coconut milk.

Snacks & Sweets

Coconut Ice: This exotic piece of delicious prettiness is made from simple ingredients like semolina, scraped coconut, ghee, cashews, butter, and sugar, of course.

Marzipan: During the Christmas season, a variety of vibrant candies are shaped into various forms and sold as marzipans, serving as a constant reminder of everything that is festive.

Guliyos: Also known as rice marbles, Guliyos are a Mangalorean part of the Kuswar culture.

Tandalache laddoo: Made with brown rice that has been boiled, jaggery, fresh coconut, cardamom, and sesame seeds, it is both delicious and nutritious.

Bolinhas: These are Goan cookies made with coconut and semolina that are traditionally prepared in clay ovens.

Baath: A rich, luscious coconut tart baked in a big circle with a lattice of dough on top.

Kormolas: Also known as carambolas, these sweet, crispy, and flaky deep-fried cookies are similar to the popular north Indian snack shankarpali.

Pinaca: Made from crushed rice and jaggery, pinaca are cutlets that resemble stemmings and are a must-have Goan holiday treat. 

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More On The Platter

 Mango Miskut: Normally a spicy mango pickle from Goa, mango miskut takes on a festive form during Christmas. 

Dodol: Made from a mixture of rice flour, coconut milk, and jaggery, dodol is a traditional and delectable treat from Goa.

Mani: .This meal, which is made from a batter consisting of ground rice, milk, and jaggery, requires a lot of stirring practice once more. 

Khara Kaddis: Deep-fried snack that is made using chickpea or gram flour mixed with cumin, red chilli powder, turmeric, and carom seeds. 

Chakkuli: Ground rice, black gram, and bengal gram (chickpea) are combined to make chakkulis. 

Naan Khatai: With their silky smooth texture and snow-white surroundings, naan khatais truly encapsulate all the luxury Christmassy vibes. 

Rose Cookies: These are coconut milk-ground rice treats that are deep-fried and formed like roses using conventional moulds.

Plum cake: No Christmas celebration would be complete without indulging in the rich, decadent goodness of a plum cake.

Kulkuls: These deep-fried appetizers are made from a dough consisting of maida, salt, sugar, and egg, bound by coconut milk.

Mandas: Mandas are a steamed preparation consisting of a thick and dense cake prepared from an intriguing combination of rice, cucumber, and jaggery. 

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Have you ever tried this super loaded Kuswar platter?

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