Futuristic Bengaluru Airport City Now Has The Green Cities Platinum Certification

by Shreya Ghosh
Futuristic Bengaluru Airport City Now Has The Green Cities Platinum Certification

Bengaluru Airport City Limited just bagged the award of the Indian Green Building Council’s Green Cities Platinum certification. This is surely an incredible achievement by the Bengaluru Airport City Limited. BACL is a Bangalore International Airport Limited-owned subsidiary. This platinum certification is awarded to acknowledge their efforts, planning, and strategies in several categories. Let’s take a look at these.

Bengaluru Airport City Limited Received The Award For These Strategies

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They have worked exceedingly well and perfected great plans for different aspects. This certification is to recognise their efforts. Some of their strategies are for these categories:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Green Master Plan
  • Information & communication technology
  • Land use categorization
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Waste management
  • Water management

Rao Munukutla, the CEO of BACL shared that people at BACL are very proud to receive the IGBC Green Cities certification. He focused on how this certification recognises their commitment and determination to sustainability. Also, this award recognises BACL’s innovative and sustainability-driven design sensibility.

Rao Munukutla also shared how they have already aligned with the UN sustainable development goals to enhance focus on these areas of sustainability; economic, environmental, and social.

Initiatives Of BACL:

Bengaluru Airport City Limited is building a great standard when it comes to sustainable urban development. People associated with BACL are working holistically to turn their dreams of sustainable development into a reality. The architects, concessionaires, designers, developers, and engineers work following design interventions and sustainability design guidelines. They have come up with many approaches and initiatives to work on this.

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  • Buildings require a Green Building certification.
  • There is 100% barrier-free accessibility in common spaces.
  • Another initiative is 100% road connectivity with proper pathways for the public and separate lanes for bicycles.
  • A great step towards sustainability by BACL is the bicycle lanes surrounded by trees and promoting greenery.
  • BACL has set a target to attain a stage of 100% renewable energy consumption.
  • The innovative wastewater treatment and reuse system functions in a way that enhances 100% waste collection, 100% wastewater treatment, and 95% reuse of treated water for irrigation, flushing, and air conditioning.
  • There are proper facilities for multi-modal integration such as metro rail, suburban rail, and buses.
  • They recycle and reuse wastage plastic to construct roads.

Aren’t these initiatives great?

Cover Image Courtesy: Press release