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Gaur Gopal Das
by Shreya Ghosh

Relationships are not just a connection between a boyfriend and a girlfriend or partner, it is deeper than that. We are surrounded by so many people, our loved ones and we have a relationship with every one of them. In this episode of Sunday Brunch, Curly Tales Editor-In-Chief Kamiya Jani met the coolest Monk Gaur Gopal Das. Guruji talked about so many different relationships, their principles, and much more in this video.

Gaur Gopal Das Beautifully Described The Principles Of All Relationships

Guruji lives all away from his family in this ashram and he has been doing this for many years now. When Kamiya Jani asked him if he misses real-life problems sometimes, he had the most beautiful answer. Guruji shared how a total of 80 people live in this ashram. And he also added a few insightful thoughts about all kinds of relationships with so many people in our lives.

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All the relationships have quite similar principles. Though the dynamic is a bit different because of the emotional quotient, the overall principles are the same for all connections. Some of the most beautiful principles in any relationship are adjustment, respecting others while maintaining one’s self-respect, and tolerance.

This Is The Most Common Complaint Guruji Has Ben Listening To For Over 2 Decades

Gaur gopal das

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While talking about connections, relationships, and heartbreaks, Gaur Gopal Das shared how he has been listening to people talking about breakups all the time. “When it comes to the actual relationships like married relationships, live-in relationships, or boyfriends and girlfriends, every single day for the last 26 years, people have come and told me their tales; heartbreaks being the most common. Someone or the other gets their heart broken every other day.”

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It is nothing less than a privilege to sit with Guruji, enjoy a meal, and talk about such deeper meanings of life and Kamiya Jani got this incredible chance to do this. This video is both fun and insightful at the same where Gaur Gopal Das candidly answered all the questions with deep meanings. For more such interviews, make sure to subscribe to the Curly Tales YouTube channel.

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