Our Sunday Brunch Was LIT With Sonakshi, Huma & Zaheer In The House

by Sanmita A
Our Sunday Brunch Was LIT With Sonakshi, Huma & Zaheer In The House

Sonakshi Sinha, Huma Qureshi and Zaheer Iqbal joined Curly Tales Editor-In-Chief Kamiya Jani for a delightful Sunday Brunch as the lights were up & people were in celebrating a hearty Diwali. Sonakshi, Huma and Zaheer worked on making toran and even a few laddoos. Amid all the food and chatter, the trio spoke to Kamiya Jani on varied issues concerning food, weight gain, body shaming and travel tales. Take a look.

Sunday Brunch With Sonakshi, Huma & Zaheer

Sunday Brunch with Sonakshi, Huma & Zaheer turned out to be an interesting one, with them talking about body shaming, their responsibilities as actors, how it is fine to look unique and other discussions concerning body image. Sonakshi also talks about how she was treated in school and college due to the way she looked and was assigned certain roles accordingly. Sonakshi also tells how childhood memories stay for a lifetime and asks people to be kinder as everyone has their own struggles to deal with.

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Double XL, Entering Bollywood & More

Zaheer talks about how Double XL is all about fighting through and making it even after all the struggles. He says, “What we are to put our focus on is learn from them. and do not give…and move forward and achieve your dreams. So, that’s what happened to them (Sonakshi & Huma). If they would have sat down and gotten bogged down by what people had said, they wouldn’t be here today. The film is about that.”

Well, Zaheer has a lot to tell in this episode of Sunday Brunch and it is definitely all out there. If you’ve watched this episode of Sunday Brunch, then do not miss out on Double XL.

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