General Coach Passengers In Indian Railways No Longer Need Reserved Tickets

by Sanmita A
General Coach Passengers In Indian Railways No Longer Need Reserved Tickets

Indian Railway, in a recent update, is allowing passengers with normal train tickets to board trains. The passengers need not have reserved tickets to travel, Indian Railways informed. Prior to the pandemic, passengers could easily travel in unreserved coaches. And the reservation mandate was announced only to control the crowd in general coaches during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Indian railways has restored the unreserved coaches only in the express and mail trains for now. Right from making booking hassle-free, to waking up passengers travelling on the trains, the Indian Railways is taking up all kinds of measures and introducing rules to make train travel better and more comfortable.

Indian Railways: No Reservation Required For Travelling

The Indian Railways made the decision after careful consideration of the economically weaker sections. In order to ease travel now, passengers will not require any reservations. With the reinforcement of this rule, thousands of ordinary passengers from average backgrounds will be able to travel conveniently.

The railway authorities have also issued a notification saying that the passengers travelling by local trains do not need to pay the special fares as well.

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Running Special Trains On Ganesh Chaturthi

As the country will celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi next month, the railway authorities have decided to run 214 special trains for the devotees. The Central Railways have also announced a list of 74 trains for the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Ganesh Chaturthi is mostly celebrated with great pomp and show in Maharashtra, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and more. If you wish to check the special trains for the festivals which the railway authorities have recently introduced, head to

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