This Website Lets You Stay For Free If You Agree To Take Care Of Other People’s Pets

by Pooja Paryani
This Website Lets You Stay For Free If You Agree To Take Care Of Other People’s Pets

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If you take care of the owner’s pet you get a free stay, promises TrustedHouseSitters in select countries.

What is it?

Trusted Housesitters lets you stay at the most amazing houses and villas across the globe. All you have to do in exchange is look after an adorable fur baby. The concept is really simple. The website connects people who want to travel but who feel guilty about leaving their pets behind with other trustworthy, travellers who would love to look after their house and pets in exchange for accommodation.

The website has a pet loving community who will look after your house and the cute furry member.

About The Website Owners

The website founders, Andy Peck and Rachel Martin, describe the site as a global community of pet-lovers where you get people to look after your house and pets for free. They got this idea after Andy was a house-sitter for a dog for a year in Spain. That was the time they understood the needs of other pet owners.

Win Win Situation

The owner gets a pet and house caretaker for free while the house sitter gets a free stay. What else do you need for a change ??

Say Whaaaat….

Just Pay Rs 669/month and be a member, all other services come for free.

Service Involves

A complete profile check is carried out and criminal records are verified through Onfido before appointing a care taker. The owner can select the caretaker from the video profile as well. A 24×7 Vet advice for your pet is available for free on the website.

Countries with this service

India, London, Perth, Sydney, Auckland, USA, New Zealand, Australia, France to name a few out of 140 countries.

Reference helps you grow

The members can build their trust profiles through the references the owner gives. The community has 3,00,000 people on the website.

Pets available

Dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, chickens and lot more. So, help the friend in need.

So, would you like to be a part of this community? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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