Get Ready To Soar Across The Dubai Skies On Mars-Inspired Air Taxi; Details Inside

Soaring into the future with FlyNow Aviation's revolutionary air taxis set to transform Dubai.

by Deeplata Garde
Get Ready To Soar Across The Dubai Skies On Mars-Inspired Air Taxi; Details Inside

In a bold stride towards the future, Austrian company FlyNow Aviation is preparing to introduce air taxis to Dubai’s vibrant cityscape, drawing inspiration from NASA’s ‘Ingenuity’ helicopter. With plans in full swing and collaboration with UAE authorities, FlyNow Aviation aims to grace the skies with this air taxi in a mere 28 months. It addresses global concerns about imminent traffic crises in megacities that could result in significant economic losses.

FlyNow Aviation’s Distinct Advantage


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FlyNow Aviation proudly presents its air taxis as possessing the most efficient configuration and infrastructure footprint ever built in this space. The company, gearing up for commercial operations in less than three years, is dedicated to providing an innovative solution to urban congestion.

Yvonne Venter, Co-founder and CEO of FlyNow Aviation, articulates the company’s vision. She stated that they have single and twin-seaters. In 28 months, we’ll have the startup series production of the cargo version. So, they will have the cargo version before we go into the production of the passenger version. The electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, with a 130kmph cruise speed, operates at a sound level comparable to a dishwasher, ensuring passengers a comfortable and stylish mode of travel.

Innovative Features Of The eVTOL


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The cargo version of FlyNow Aviation’s eVTOL can carry up to 200kg, aligning with standard logistics requirements. Taking inspiration from NASA’s Mars helicopter ‘Ingenuity,’ the eVTOL’s highly efficient rotor system enables flight in atmospheres with lower density than Earth’s, a feature ideal for operations in high-altitude environments. Venter highlights the technical specifications. The Air taxi has a 50-km range and another 25-km extra for security reasons. It can drive up to 130-km cruise speed. The eVTOLs have the sound level of a dishwasher. So, it’s very quiet.

Strategic Approach With A Flight Plan


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FlyNow Aviation has already set benchmarks in crucial areas such as affordability, operability, certification readiness, and efficiency. The air taxis will operate on a specific landing and starting hub, following an automatic approach to fly along a predefined route. The autopilot system and a pre-programmed route ensure a seamless and controlled flight experience. Venter elaborates on the flight plan. The vehicle will be on autopilot, and then it will fly over a predefined route.

Enhanced Safety Measures In Air Taxi

Prioritizing passenger safety, FlyNow Aviation’s eVTOLs will be equipped with collision avoidance sensors. Only air traffic control will be able to intervene in the flight path, ensuring a secure and controlled airspace. In case of any passenger distress, a panic button can be pressed, prompting the vehicle to descend to the nearest alternate landing spot. Venter emphasizes this crucial safety feature. She states that it is crucial for them as it ensures that the airspace, particularly during varied operations, remains under the sole control of the authority.

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Collaborations in the MENA Region

FlyNow Aviation actively engages in discussions with various entities and investors in the region. Collaborations with partners like Air Chateau, the first and only Private Heliport Operator Company in the UAE, are already in progress. Venter expresses the company’s enthusiasm for the Middle East. According to her their vision towards the region, especially the UAE and Saudi Arabia, is a lucrative market. So, the MENA region is their entry point to the Middle Eastern market. Also, as per them, this region is innovative, fast-paced, and ambitious. Therefore, they are continuously putting an effort to be a part of it.

In just over two years, the skies above Dubai may witness a new era of transportation, symbolizing FlyNow Aviation’s commitment to revolutionizing urban mobility and embracing the limitless possibilities of the skies.

Cover Image Courtesy: FlyNow Aviation/ Website

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