Get Real-Time Information On The Tourist Spots In Rajasthan With This New Tourism App

by Tania Tarafdar
Get Real-Time Information On The Tourist Spots In Rajasthan With This New Tourism App

There is a lot to see and experience in the historical capital of India, Rajasthan. In fact, Rajasthan has so many attractions that it is easy to miss out on something or the other during a trip. However, now, the government is ensuring that visitors get real-time information on the state’s sites, sounds, and gastronomical delights with the help of a user-friendly application. Tourists to Rajasthan will have now have all the information about the major attractions in the palm of their hands.

Android Users Can Download The Application From Play Store

The state tourism department will launch the Rajasthan Tourism Android application on September 27 on the occasion of World Tourism Day. While Android users can download the application from Play Store, iPhone users will have to wait as the iOS version is still under construction and will be launched in the next few weeks. Now you Can Skydive In Rajasthan’s Neemrana To Satiate Your Adrenaline Rushes.

The App Will Have Information On Top Tourist Spots, Transport Facilities & Food Services

Apart from the tourist hotspots, the application will contain all the information about the transport facilities, and other services. Tourists can know if the local service provider has registered with the tourism department with just a click, and ensure their safety and security. And while all information is already available on the Rajasthan Tourism website, the mobile application will be more convenient and user-friendly.

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Tourists Can Also Schedule Their Visit To The Hotspots

The app showing real-time information will also help visitors schedule their visit to tourist hotspots. They will also be able to keep a tab on the trends and footfall numbers. As the Rajasthan Tourism department expects a huge influx of domestic tourists in the next six months, they are developing new experiences and spots for tourists. The app will provide all the details about these new attractions to potential visitors.

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What’s more, the new application will also showcase all the offers, schemes, and discounts of Rajasthan Tourism.