Get Teleported To The World Of Harry Potter At Thailand’s Hogwarts-Themed Cafe

by Shreya Ghosh
Get Teleported To The World Of Harry Potter At Thailand’s Hogwarts-Themed Cafe

Have you ever wondered to explore the fictitious world of Harry Potter? If you are a Harry Potter fan, then I am sure you had this desire a lot of times. Well, it is not possible to be in the real world of witches and wizards but you can get surely get a taste of the surroundings and ambience at Thailand’s Hogwarts-Themed Cafe. ‘Hog’s Head Pub’ is the ultimate destination for every Potterhead where you can teleport to the universe of the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Hog’s Head Pub: The Magical World Of Hogwarts

When they say that they are a ‘Hogwarts-Themed Cafe’, they truly justified it in every way. Nestled in Old Town Phuket, Hog’s Head Pub is a go-to destination for experiencing the cosplay thrills of Harry Potter. Every nook and cranny of this cafe is detailed with references to Harry Potter. They have intricately designed the interiors and exterior to make you feel like you are present in a mini Hogwarts set.

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Thailand’s Hogwarts-Themed Cafe Is The Exact Set Of Harry Potter

The vibe of this place is dark and spooky as expected, but still, it will make you nostalgic and teleport you to the fantasised world of Harry Potter. One of the rooms resembles an antiquated inn with wooden furniture. Crossing the back door, you will witness a building looking just like a real magic wand shop, surrounded by crooked facades giving the exact feeling of the magic world we read about and watched in our childhood. The most striking part of the interior is the massive Hog’s Head just behind the counter. Even the dragon skeleton above the bar counter is another significant decor of the interior.

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How Is The Food In Hog’s Head Pub

All the food and beverages on their menus are named with various references to Harry Potter. This themed bar and cafe serve interesting coffees and drinks And of course, Butter Beer is a must here. Don’t miss out on their signature cocktails. With these, they also serve Thai cuisine and many other international cuisines as well.

if you are visiting Phuket anytime, make sure to visit here to take a trip down your memory lane. It is indeed a great experience for the Potterheads.

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