Getting A Tourist Visa From India To These Countries Are The Hardest

by Shreya Ghosh
Getting A Tourist Visa From India To These Countries Are The Hardest

There are so many countries in the world that have a very strict visa policy for travellers. Tourists need to submit an application for a tourist visa to visit these countries. While there are some countries that provide visas quite quickly, on the other hand, some are known as the hardest countries to get a visa from. Read till the last to discover some of the most difficult countries to provide a tourist visa for tourists from India.

The Hardest Countries To Get A Tourist Visa From India

1. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia follows a very strict policy when it comes to tourist visas. Using the eVisa, travellers can travel to this country but they need to be very cautious about all the rules. Also, they need to fulfill all the requirements to get their hands on the eVisa and enter Saudi Arabia. Visitors need to submit proper documents, all the personal details, and processing fees to get the visa approved.

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2. North Korea

One of the hardest countries to get a tourist visa is surely North Korea. Entering this country is very difficult and travellers will need to apply for a visa from a tourist agency. While travelling inside the country, one needs to follow a lot of rules as well. Travellers cannot talk with the locals, they cannot walk and explore alone, and importantly they cannot speak poorly of the country’s leader.

3. China

One needs to have a good amount of time on hand if he/she wants a tourist visa to China. The procedure for this is elaborated and hectic. Travellers need to be more than 100% prepared and bring lots of documents when they are working for the visa process. But, some passport holders can explore China for 72 hours without a visa. If one is planning to stay in China for over 30 days, he/she will need to present an itinerary with details of every day.


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4. Pakistan

Indians cannot simply enter Pakistan, they will need a sponsor for that. If someone is travelling to Pakistan from India, the first thing he/she needs to do is search for a sponsor. The sponsor can be a travel and tour company or anyone who lives in Pakistan. After the tourist is done with finding the sponsor, he/she has to follow some steps to get access to Pakistan. The sponsor will need to provide all the information about the connection between the visitor and him/her. Also, the sponsor will need to detail everything such as why the visitor is travelling in the country, and give an official letter of invitation too.

5. Russia

One cannot get a tourist visa to Russia very simply. The process to get access to enter this country is very complicated and lengthy as well. The visitors need to fill out a lot of questions provided in the form. Also, they need to mention every destination that they travelled to during the last 10 years. Getting a visa approval to Russia is quite hectic. Tourists need to have a lot of time before the travel date while they are working on their tourist visas to enter Russia. Every step of this visa process is done in person.