Girl Dances In The Middle Of The Road During Traffic Halt In Viral Video; Netizens React

In another dangerous reel incident, a girl was seen dancing in the middle of the road in India during peak hour traffic.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Girl Dances In The Middle Of The Road During Traffic Halt In Viral Video; Netizens React

For the sake of social media fame, people have resorted to dangerous tactics like dancing in the middle of the road, clicking selfies on railway tracks and whatnot! In yet another such dangerous stunt, in a viral video, a girl dances in the middle of the road during the traffic halt. And Netizens reacted about the same.

Girl Dances On The Road During Peak Traffic Hours In Viral Video

A video posted by @Mukeshbaitu, a girl dressed in a blue salwar, carrying a bag is seen walking towards the middle of the road. During the traffic halt, she threw her bag on the road, knelt down and started dancing. behind her auto-rickshaws waited at the red light. As she moved along and tried different dance steps, onlookers and drivers in their vehicles watched her, shocked. But the girl without a care in the world, risking her life, continued dancing. 

The X user in his caption asks in which direction humanity is heading these days. This footage of the unidentified girl garnered a lot of criticism. Netizens were appalled. Some went on to say that such behaviour on a public road, amid a traffic jam was irresponsible and dangerous. The woman danced in the middle of the road during peak traffic hours and commuters just watched her impromptu performance, shocked.

Shocked Netizens Share Their Reactions On X

@JCRanwa commented that she seemed to be a minor student from a government school. @sheikh_hon_yaar comments, “Confidence dekho yaar” (look at her confidence). @ankitka393 stated that people have become shameless.

@maddified18 stated that he gets nervous and shy to even wait for a signal. @sheikh__oye comments that this person might get a chalan or fine for the same. @beinglucky45 comments that the future of the nation is in danger thanks to reels. @Smile_priti questions the role of the traffic police and questions why these people aren’t fined.

Well, folks have you ever witnessed such shocking and totally appalling behaviour in the middle of the road?

Cover Image Courtesy: @Mukeshbaitu/ X

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