Global Travellers Use Mobile For Travel Research; 22% Use AI Chatbot For Travel Plans

More and more tourists are using AI to make plans for travelling and holidaying and doing research.

by Shreya Ghosh
Global Travellers Use Mobile For Travel Research; 22% Use AI Chatbot For Travel Plans

There is simply no doubt about the excellent experiences of traveling places all around the world. There are infinite destinations that we dream of exploring, be it domestically or internationally. And such wonderful places often spoil us with choices and we find it difficult at times to choose the location that we wish to visit first, especially for leisure travellers. Choosing one destination from a long travel bucket list is difficult and many travel enthusiasts use artificial intelligence at such moments to make the perfect decision.

Travellers Globally Rely On Mobile & Internet For Travel Research

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Planning for a travel experience has surely transformed a lot and the credit for this shift goes to the Internet.  From watching videos to using apps to taking the help of artificial intelligence,  There are ample options available online that travel enthusiasts can get help from while planning a holiday.  There are several apps as well that can help you choose your preferences on the basis of your choices and more factors.

A huge number of people use mobile phones for searching various information and do proper research before finalizing a destination for a vacation according to the 2023 Skyscanner Horizons Report. This fascinating insight has been found from a survey in which over 18,000 tourists from different places have participated. They have also shared their travel preferences and talked about the budget and expenditure on the trip as well.

The Internet is surely the answer to 99.99 per cent of our travel queries. And proper research can even help us to find the solutions to 100 per cent of our travel-related questions. The Skyscanner research revealed how travellers globally use different platforms and sources on the Internet to solve all their questions about a new destination and do pre-travel research as well. Well, the search process is not just restricted to the travel location. People use these platforms to book stays and tickets and find the ones that are under their budget. There are tons of options at different price ranges.

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A Huge Number Of Tourists Are Depending On AI

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The influence of artificial intelligence is evident in most sectors all around the world and the travel sector is not left behind. About 22 per cent of travel enthusiasts have used AI chatbots at some point for making travel plans to different places. They have used AI for research. Considering people from different places in the world, travellers from India, America, Saudi Arabia, and UAE are more than the average of other places.

Some important findings of the survey:

  • Over 40 per cent of people used their mobile to book and confirm their travel plans.
  • Almost 47 per cent of participants in the survey checked the flight ticket rates to many places before choosing the final one.
  • More than 48 per cent of travellers used mobiles to do research for travel destinations before catching the flight.

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How dependent are you on the Internet and artificial intelligence to choose a travel destination and make plans?

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